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About The Guy Who Took Linda Ikeji Blog Down

Linda Ikeji and Mr Aye Dee

It was really a breaking News to me when I had that one of the very popular news and entertainment site, Linda Ikeji blog has be shutdown by Google over plagiarism issues. And I know that this same issue came as a surprise to many mostly the Linda Ikeji blog Fans.

The man behind the bringing down of Linda’s blog is Aye Dee also known as Mukhtar Dan’Iyan.

Below are things about Aye Dee you probably didn’t know:

  1.  He is an Editor-in-Chief of 15Past8.com media group. The media group is based in Manhattan U.S.A. and gets funding from some US organizations.
  2.  His media group allegedly registers hundreds of websites belonging to others around the world and tries to make money off them. One of such sites owned by Aye Dee is 9jalife.com.
  3.  He has been stalking Linda for years. He has reportedly registered quite a number of Linda’s domain names like lindaikeji.net, lindaikeji.com and others.
  4.  He is said to have been trying to sell Linda those domains for thousands of dollars, Though he denied this during an interview.
  5. He became friends with Linda in 2009/2010. According to Linda Ikeji, he contacted her with the name Alex (he used to run a blog 1976AD) and told her he was impressed with her work and wanted to encourage her to never relent.


According to Aye Dee, Linda Ikeji ignored his repeated complaints over copyright infringement and plagiarism and that was why he decided to report her to Google.

Meanwhile, Linda said the issue was not about plagiarism but a story of a friend who turned to a hater.

Details On Deleting Linda Ikeji’s Blog

To clear the situation, Google’s Manager for Communications and Public Affairs, Anglo-Phone West Africa, Taiwo Kolade-Ogunlade, explained why the blog was shut down.

He said that Google takes the matter of copyright seriously, adding that the company belongs to a group of Internet firms that stands by the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other appropriate copyright laws.

“To respect the rights of copyright holders, Google clearly spells out how users of its products and services can get permission to use someone else’s intellectual property such as text, songs, images and footages. Google is no respecter of anybody when it comes to the issues of copyright infringement.

“Google as an organization takes issues of copyright seriously and belongs to a group of digital companies that respect copyrights,” he explained in a chat with Punch newspaper.

The Google official added that copyright is a serious issue as it concerns intellectual property of people.

“You can’t just go and pick up another person’s intellectual property or content and lay claim to its ownership. That is why we have copyright guidance. I don’t know if Linda picked up any content and I don’t know what content is the bone of contention, neither have I looked into the complaints personally.

“But it is not a case of witch-hunting and has nothing to do with Linda Ikeji’s personality or anyone else because there is a process, and irrespective of who you are in the world, that process would apply to you.

“People should also understand that copyrights does not only apply to text, but also extends to literary works, images and photographs, music files and MP3s, movies, movie trailers and videos as well as software.”

The most popular Nigerian blog owned by Linda Ikeji was shut down on October, 8, 2014, supposedly in connection with the dispute about the blog’s content originality.


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