Highest Paying Graduate Jobs In Nigeria

It is one thing to be employed. It is another thing thing to be well paid. A lot of people who are working are just being paid enough for survival. However, a lot more others are being paid massive huge salaries monthly. Which category would you rather like to belong to? Of course, the choice is obvious. Let’s show you some of the Highest Paying Graduate Jobs In Nigeria.

There are very many jobs that would pay you a lot today. They exist in many sectors of the economy. There are many factors that actually influence some of the differences in high payments. For instance, the salary scale can be higher than the other due to number of years spent in training. That is why lawyers and medical practitioners earn high.

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Another reason could be the risk involved in the work. Military men who are exposed to life risks daily, geologists and pilots whose live could be lost in a twinkle of an eye, or even doctors who could determine life and death are well paid. This is to encourage them to do the best they can not worry about what to earn.

Highest Paying Graduate Jobs In Nigeria

Having seen the above, let’s see the highest paying graduate jobs in Nigeria.

1. Surgeons

Surgeons are medical doctors that are trained specifically to perform general or specialized types of surgeries. These surgeries are high risking and life threatening, and they are exposed to many challenges. While surgeons spend time preparing for procedures, reviewing files and meeting with patients, their most critical role is to perform accurately and efficiently in the operating room.  Surgeons’ need to be paid well since the lives of people are laid on their tables. So, they earn a lot.

2. Pilots

Another profession that has high life risk and is exposed to numerous dangers is the work of a Pilot. They earn a lot because, they spend much time and resources in training and because of the risks involved. Not only is their life at risk, the lives of others are also in their hands. The average salary for a First Officer ranges from ₦200,000 – ₦500,000 monthly, and captains earn about ₦500,000 – ₦3,000, 000 monthly.

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3. Petroleum Engineer

There is increasing demands for petroleum and petroleum products in our world. Petroleum and petrol-chemical engineers are in a very high demand in our world. So, anyone who ventures into this area has a huge chance of earning massive amounts.

4. Telecom Engineers

Telecommunications engineers earn a lot in Nigeria because of the rise in demand. The telecommunications industry is one of the fast-growing industries in Nigeria, so the need for telecommunication engineers are like a part of our day-to-day lives. The duties of a telecommunications engineer involve; design and installing equipment used for transmitting wired phone, cellular, cable and broadband data. Their daily responsibilities can include working with copper or fiber optic cabling, complex networks, and switching systems.

5. Entertainment (Comedians, Musicians, Actors, Sports etc)

Entertainment is a very huge financial goldmine in the world. Whether it is comedy, music, acting or even sports, the potential for earning iin this area is very high. One huge advantage of this area is that you can fix your earning yourself. You most often determine how much you will be paid. But, this is influenced by how good you are. Check how much people pay to host a known comedian or musician to a live show, then you will understand.

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6. Software Engineering

Software engineering focus on the technology of modern times. Again, software engineers are in high demand from high profile companies. They help in designing mobile and PC applications. They also help in developing software programs that rake in huge source of income for their employees. As a result, they are very well paid.

These are some of the Highest Paying Graduate Jobs In Nigeria. You can add any other you feel that we omitted. Good luck and please share.

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