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How Can I Hide My IP Address Online? See Answers Here

As a Nigerian, you would find it very difficult to access lots of websites online. This is due to the fact that Nigerian IP addresses are not usually welcomed on many sites. There was a particular online forum I wanted to join sometime ago, but, I was unable to because Nigeria is banned from joining. Using one of the tips I will share here, I was able to join the site. Now, if you have been asking how to hide my IP address online, then this guide is just for you.

Apart from having access to restricted sites, there could be other reasons why you would want to hide your IP address. It could be because you want to go anonymous online. As a result, you don’t want to be tracked (maybe for security reasons). At other times, you may want to work around the IP bans, access dark web, and protect your identity. If this is you, then, let’s show you how you can achieve this.

How To Hide My IP Address

There are many ways you can use to hide your IP address. Let’s look at some of them below.

1. Using A VPN

This is usually the best option. It was the method I adopted before I joined the site I talked about above. Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers a connectivity to another network, and when connected your computer receives a new IP address from a VPN provider. Every traffic from your computer routes through the VPN network, so your true IP address assigned by your ISP is hidden. This comes with lots of merits and demerits.


  1. Best and most convenient way to hide IP address. You may choose to obtain an IP address from any country or city (provided that your VPN provider has a server in the region).
  2. Work around Internet Censorship and unblock websites.
  3. All inbound and outbound traffic are encrypted so the data exchange is secure.
  4. Allow access to dark web.
  5. Allows you to use in multiple devices (e.g. PC, Tablet and Smartphone).


  1. Data encryption may cause slowdown in network traffic.
  2. A reliable VPN service requires subscription which may cost $3/mo to $12/mo. etc

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2.Mask your IP address with Proxies

There are thousands of free web proxy servers that you can use to hide your IP address and surf anonymously. Browsing through a proxy means that you are not accessing a website directly, but going through a intermediate “proxy” which relays the information back and forth between you and the destination website.


  1. Hide your IP address by using a public proxy server.
  2. Using proxy server bypasses blocked websites.


  1. Most proxy servers are web-based, so anonymity is limited to web traffic.
  2. As the traffic is going through a proxy server (not a network), the data can be leaked.
  3. Most free proxy servers promote advertisement on framed browser, so it’s not very user friendly.
  4. Most proxy servers are logged, so your online activity can be traced.

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3. Use the Tor Browser

Tor is a free software program that uses a distributed network of relays to communicate anonymously. Tor Browser is a free browser similar to IE, Chrome and Firefox that lets you use Tor network to browse anonymously without revealing your own IP Address. You will have to download and install a version of Tor browser that is compatible with your operating system (i.e. Windows, Mac OS and Linux).

Since Tor uses a network of distributed relays, the performance of Tor Browser is much slower than the native browsers that connects directly to the Internet.


  1. Tor is an open-source software so there is reduced risk of vulnerability.
  2. Circumvent Internet censorship and unblocks blocked websites.
  3. Allows access to .onion dark web sites.


  1. Tor browser is limited to web traffic.
  2. As the traffic is going through the onion network, performance degrade may occur.
  3. Higher authority can monitor your online activity.
  4. Your traffic is not encrypted so the traffic can be monitored.

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With these tips above, I am sure that your question “How to hide my IP address” has been answered. You can adopt any of these methods to sufficiently hide your IP address online.

Good luck!


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