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How can I translate Weibo Site into an English Page?

We are aware that Weibo account is a Chinese made website, Yet registered users come from different ethics of the world. That is to say not only Chinese speaking country uses the site. I’m not surprised to see a question like; “how can I translate weiboeibo Site into an English page” after our previous publication on how to create Weibo account – showing guides with image illustrations and written in English.

You are on this page to learn how to use Weibo if I can’t read Chinese. So let’s get started…

How to translate weibo Site to an English Page

Step 1: Download or Use Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome browser image

Download Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is a popular browser own and managed by Google.

Its fast and easy to use. It automatically has its translator on it.

I walways recommend the use of Google’s Chrome browser whenever you visit any Chinese or other strange websites. The core reason is because the browser has an inbuilt instantly translate any web page with a click of the button in case there are any text or langugaes you don’t understand.

Step 2: Access Weibo Official Website

weibo Site image

Enter Website –

After the page has open for you, the Translator will automatically pop-up for you. You can see the screenshot showing the Google Translate popping up.

Now you have the option of clicking the “Translate” button and wait for the process to complete.

And that translates the entire page to English for you. Now you can read and understand every navigation you make.

PLEASE NOTE: In some cases the translate may but complete successfully, It shows error as;

“This page could not be translated”

This error sometimes could be as a result of poor browsing network. It shows the error along side with an option to either “Try again” or “Close”. So you click on “Try again”.

Want to Translate to Another Language (Not English)

The question is what if you want to to translate to another language. To achieve that you have to click on “Option” button.

When clicked on, you see options you should select from. But in this case you click on “Change Language”.

This will give you full control to select which language you prefer to translate into.

How to Sign Up on

China Sina Weibo sign up

Now you see how to translate Chinese website to English or other languages, once it translates successfully you will be able to read and understand where to navigate to.

To Sign up simply click on “registered” to ope the registration page, however, every page will always be translated for you (automatically), but in case not click the “Translate icon” at the top of the browser.

Use the comment comment box below if you have any question so we could also publish it just the way we’ve done.

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