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How to Add Facebook Pages to Business.facebook.com

This page will be important to you if you already created pages on your Facebook account and you’re about to run a Facebook Ad on business.facebook.com but fortunately, you don’t see the page on the facebook ad website.

You can add a Facebook Page if your business already owns the Page, also there is a chance to create a new page right from the Facebook Business Manager account.

Note that you must be an admin of that page to be able to add the page on business manager. And, if you work for an agency, you should request your client’s Pages.

Below is a simple and fast way to add pages that are on your facebook.com on to your business.facebook.com ad website.

Or You may want to see how to create a new Facebook Business Manager account from start to finish here.

Steps to Add Facebook Pages to Business.facebook.com

Step 1: Log on to www.business.facebook.com

Step 2: when you are in, click on the “Settings” icon. It is positioned at the top right of the page.

Step 3: then look at the left side of the menu and click on “Pages” under the Account menu.

facebook page import image

Step 4: on clicking the “Add”, there is a popup to select from the options listed; to add a page or to request access to a page or to create a new page

How to Add Facebook Pages to Business.facebook.com 1

So click on “Add a Page” to continue.

Step 5: You have the options to either type in the name of that page you want to add or the URL of the page.

If you prefer to type the name of the page, as you type you see list of pages you have that then you can select from it also.

facebook page import image 3.png

Then click on “Add Page” after you’ve inputted the information at the top.

Now, on the screen, you should see a confirmation that the page is successfully added on business.facebook.com

facebook page import image 4.png

Now you should see the page on your list of pages added on www.business.facebook.com


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