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How To Add/Remove Channels On DSTV

Are you spoilt for channels on DSTV and you want to reduce the number of channels available to you? Then, this guide on how to add/remove channels on dstv will be handy for you. This is a simple explanation on how you can choose the channels you want for use only.

Note, the DSTV doesn’t have any feature on how to remove channels. What determines the channel you have is your subscription plan. However, there are some tweaks that will help you to limit the number of channels you have access to. This is what we want to show you right away.

How To Add/Remove Channels On DSTV

Through DSTV Channels Group

As the name implies, the channels group is a group that compiles different channels of choice. Just like someone creates a group and add or remove anybody they want to. The DSTV channels group allows you to add or remove any group of your choice at any time you want. To do this, here is your guide.

  1. Press the Blue Button on your DSTV remote controller.
  2. Scroll and locate the settings. Then select user preferences.
  3. You will see the option for Channels Group.
  4. Press that and then follow another instruction on it.

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Through DSTV Parental Guide

The DSTV parental guide allows parents to restrict some channels they do not want to expose their children and wards to. This is because, many channels could be rated 18+ and a parents who have children under 18 are expected to restrict their children’s access to those channels.

Below is the guide on how you can restrict access to certain channels you don’t want to view or see.

  1. Press the DSTV button on your remote controller.
  2. Click on settings, after locating it.
  3. Then, select parental control
  4. You can now block any channel of choice you do not want access to.
  5. You can still remove this option at any time you want to do so.

Finally, you can now use this guide to Add/Remove Channels On DSTV. I am certain this was helpful to you. Why not share to help others too?


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