Allow Pop-ups In Chrome

How To Allow Pop-ups In Chrome Browser

Google Chrome by default blocks all pop-ups from showing on your screen automatically. However, you may want to allow the pop-ups to show. That is why I want to show you how to allow pop-ups in Chrome browser. It is very easy and the steps are not difficult. For any site where the pop-up is blocked, you will see this sign Pop-up blocked by the address bar.

What Is Pop-Ups?

Pop-ups are those windows that appear when you are viewing some websites. It is usually a form of advert that appears unsolicited. Most times, this could be very annoying. Some of them could be malware. However, not all. So, if you want to allow pop-ups in Chrome browser, I will guide you here.

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How To Allow Pop-ups In Chrome Browser

I will be showing you how to do this on a computer, android and iOS devices.

Allow Pop-Ups on Chrome On Computer

To turn on or off pop-ups on your computer, here are the guidelines to follow.

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser and locate the settings.
  2. Under the settings dashboard, click on “advanced”.
  3. Then, locate and click on “Privacy & Security”.
  4. Next, click on “site settings”.
  5. From there, click on “pop-ups & redirects”.
  6. You can then decide to allow it or disable it by selecting any of “allowed” or “blocked”.

Allow Pop-Ups On Certain Sites

If you want to allow pop-ups to occur on certain websites, use this guideline here.

  1. Open the chrome browser on your computer.
  2. Then, locate the pages in which the pop-ups are blocked.
  3. The next step will be to click on “pop-up blocked” in the address bar.
  4. Furthermore, you will have to click on the particular link of the pop-up you want to see.
  5. Finally, select the option of “always allow pop-ups and redirects”.
  6. You are good to go.

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On Android

  1. Open your phone and launch the Google Chrome app.
  2. Locate the “settings” by the far right of the browser and tap on it.
  3. The next step will be to tap on “site settings” and then “pop-ups and redirect”.
  4. Select whether you want to turn it on or off.
  5. You are good to go.

How To Allow Pop-ups From Specific Sites On Android

If you choose to allow pop-ups from certain websites, here is how you can do that.

  1. Simply open the Google Chrome browser on your mobile device.
  2. Then, locate the particular site where pop-ups are blocked.
  3. Since you want to allow them, click on “always show” at the bottom of the page.

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On iPad & iPhones

Let me show you how to do this on your iPad and iPhones.

  1. Simply open the Chrome browser on your device.
  2. Then, tap on the “settings” section.
  3. Locate and tap on “content settings”. Then, click on “block pop-ups”.
  4. Select whether to allow it or block it.

Allow Pop-ups For Certain Sites

  1. Follow the step above by opening your chrome browser.
  2. Locate the page where the pop-ups are already blocked.
  3. Then, to the bottom, tap on “always show”.

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