How to Apply for Capital One Walmart Credit Card Online

How about earning cash back as you spend, won’t that be great for you? Of course, everyone wants to earn. And this time Capital One Walmart Credit Card offers you the opportunity of earning unlimited rewards on purchases everywhere, every day.

With the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card, you will earn up to 5% back of your spending on top of Walmart’s everyday low prices, with a $0 annual fee.

Why will anyone want to use Capital One Walmart Credit Card?

Apart from the fact that Capital One is a good credit/debit card issuer, below are benefits for using them;


No. 1: You earn 5% cash Back

This means that you will continue to earn 5% at including Grocery Pickup and Delivery.

No. 2: You earn 2% Back

These earnings come back to you at restaurants and on travel. Which also includes earning unlimitedly 2% back in Walmart stores and at Walmart and Murphy USA Fuel Stations.

No. 3: You will earn 1% back

You’ll be rewarded for using Mastercard that is why you will be earning unlimited 1% back everywhere else Mastercard is accepted. This means earning cash back outside Walmart stores and at Walmart and Murphy USA Fuel Stations; for as long as Mastercard is accepted there.

Steps for Applying Capital One Walmart Credit Card Online

You can apply online at and that will require you creating Walmart account as a new user or logging into your account (if you’ve already created the account).

  1. go to
  2. Then click on “Apply Now”

    How to Apply for Capital One Walmart Credit Card Online 1
  3. Click on “Create account” if you’re doing this for the first time. Or login if you’re already a Walmart registered user.
  4. Complete the form ad submit
  5. Then follow other instructions to apply for the card. It is straight forward and easy to do from here.

Also, another way to apply for Capital One Walmart Credit Card is through Walmart store with an accepted state-issued Driver’s License or state-issued ID in the following ways:

With your smartphone

  • Text-to-Apply
  • At a Register
  • At Self-Checkout

Your account management platform is a very vital thing to note about. And since Capital One is responsible for issuing the card, it then means you will be managing your account from Capital One platform. Which also includes redeeming your gifts and bonuses.

First, you have to create a new Capital One account, which is also an easy process.

How to Manage Capital One Walmart Credit Card

There are TWO options available to manage your account and that is; via the Capital One Mobile App and Capital One Official website.

But you MUST be a registered user in order to access your account management dashboard.

Use the links below to download the Capital One Mobile App if you’ve decided to use Mobile App;

The other option:

  1. Visit
  2. Click ‘Sign In’ if you already have Capital One account or Click on “Set Up My Account” – if this will be your first time creating Capital One Walmart account.

    Walmart Capital One sign up form

  3. Fill up the form and click on “Find Me” to enable the Capital One to fetch your information before you can proceed to complete the registration process.
  4. Once you have completed this process, you can now access your Capital One Walmart rewards and start redeeming it the way you best want.

Let’s show you the list of ways available for redeeming your reward.

How To Redeem Your Rewards

1. Via Statement Credit

This means that you can apply your rewards as a statement credit toward your account balance. So instead of paying for the statement, you get it spent from your rewards.

2. Via Covering a Purchase

This allows you to use your rewards toward any recent purchase you made with your Capital One Walmart Rewards Card. And remember we have listed above how and where to use your card to get these rewards coming.

3. Via Gift Cards

You can also redeem for gift cards from Walmart or other online gift card retailers.

4. Via Trips and Travel Purchase

It is also 100% possible to redeem rewards for trips and travel purchases you make using your Capital One Walmart Rewards Card.

Do you have any questions?

Use the comment box below; we are here to answer you at all times.

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