How To Apply for Change of Name, Age and Signature in Nigeria

There are so many reasons when we see individuals want to apply for Change of Name, Age and Signature in Nigeria. But so unfortunate that some do not know how to go about it or requirements needed to change names on the newspaper publication and court affidavit in Nigeria. On this page we have listed every details and samples of court affidavit and newspaper change of name publication.

Its no big deal getting this documents in Nigeria, meaning that you don’t have to stress your self or pay heavily to get the affidavit and newspaper publication of corrected names.


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Reasons Why You May Need To Apply for Change of Name, Age and Signature

As said before that the Change of Name, Age and Signature is a very valuable and important documents which should also be attached to every of your documents because the needs for any of this document may arise at anytime and anywhere. So from our research we found out that so many people apply for Change of Name, Age and Signature in Nigeria due to the follow reasons:

Correction of Name in the Bank

Correction of names could come in different ways which includes; if the applicant is married and want to change her name, and when there is a mistake on the Identity Card – by which the  name on the ID cards or International passport does not correspond with the current name presented. This categories of people needs to apply for the change of name.

As long as its a correction of name the Bank costumer care will requires for a Newspaper publication of change of name and also a court affidavit, or else you no longer have full access to your bank account information or if you are applying for a new account if will not be open for you.

Change of Name and Signature in the Work Place

This section mostly affected married women, whereby they need to update their name from the formal name to the name. Also it will require the Newspaper publication of change of name and also a court affidavit for the correction/update to be effected.

But for change of signatory you may not need to get an affidavit for it mostly when it has to do with banks or working place. The correction of signatory can be done right where its concerned about at the moment.

Change and Update of Name, Signature and Age on Documents

Change of name on documents like Land-agreement document, Properties, Marriage etc will also require you to apply for either the Newspaper change of name publication (if its Name you are changing) or the court affidavit if you are changing your signature or age.

And so Many Other reasons…


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Now its time we talk on how to apply for Change of Name, Age and Signature in Nigeria… Its very easy and stress free. Just follow the steps below to get what ever document you need.


How To Apply for Change of Name, Age and Signature in Nigeria

There are two different document we are talking about here, which are:

  • Court Affidavit
  • Newspaper change of name publication

This documents are needed for different purposes which we have just listed above. So lets talk on how to apply for each of them starting with the “Court Affidavit document”;

How to Apply or Get Court Affidavit in Nigeria

For you to obtain an affidavit you need to go to any federal high court in your jurisdiction, work up to the admins office, and tell then the kind of affidavit you want. As for the price or charges, it may not exceed N3,000 to get it. But once you have gotten it – that is all, you don’t need to apply again (unless the previous one you obtained is missing)

Types of Court Affidavit Document

  • Baptism Certificates
  • Attestation Letter Outside of Nigeria
  • Attestation Letter in Nigeria
  • Declaration of Age from Outside of Nigeria
  • Declaration of Age in Nigeria
  • Birth Certificate from Outside of Nigeria
  • Birth Certificate in Nigeria
  • Appearance of Birth Certificates

Here is a Sample of court affidavit document

Sample of court affidavit

Sample of court affidavit


How to Obtain or Apply for Newspaper change of Name Publication

In this case also you will have to work in into any “NATIONAL NEWSPAPER PUBLISHING COMPANIES” (not private newspaper publisher). Go to the admin office and tell then you want to change your name. They charge about N5,000 and above to public your old and new name on a page of their newspaper as a prove of change of name.

Depending how urgent you need it, some National newspapers takes upto 4days to get your name published, while some may be about 1week, 2weeks, as the case may be.

Sample of National Newspaper Change of Name Publication

Sample of National Newspaper Change of Name Publication

Sample of National Newspaper Change of Name Publication


Types/List of National Newspaper to Apply for Change/Correction of Name

  • Punch
  • New Telegraph
  • Leadership
  • Vanguard
  • Thisday
  • Leadership
  • National Mirror
  • And few others

All of this newspaper companies are national newspapers and has branch office in your jurisdiction.

Use our comment box below if you have any further questions concerning this topic. Good Luck.



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