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How to Apply for Direct Entry (DE) into Nigeria Universities

This information on How to Apply for Direct Entry (DE) into Nigeria Universities is general. Meaning that any one who has the interest of apply can use the procedure below. This will guide you all through so that you avoid making mistakes. 

Please note that before you can think of apply form admission through any institution in Nigeria then you should have the following Degree:

  1.  OND,
  2. ND,
  3. NCE,
  4. IJMB,
  5. Cambridge A level,
  6. BSc,
  7. HND,
  8. ICAN 

If you have any of the above certificate or awaiting result in any of them, you are eligible to apply for direct entry into any Nigeria universities.

How to Apply for Direct Entry (DE) into Nigeria Universities

  1. As you have gotten any of the above listed degree, Go to the Joint Admissions And Matriculation Board (JAMB) Office close to you and obtain the Direct Entry Registration Form
  2. Fill the form and submit JAMB’s copy to the them
  3. Take your copy and make a dublicate of it and go to the institution you want to gain direct entry admission to also submit a copy.
  4. This is a very important stage; when you go to the institution, ask whether they also sell direct entry form (because some schools in southeast like EBSU also sell DE form. Whether you bought in jamb or not and you end up not buying in the school, “sorry because there will be no admission for you) then also buy there own and fill it. Very important!
  5. wait for the admission list to be released. Once released your will be admitted to start from 200level.

Please NOTE: Make sure you follow every instruction jamb gives to you and also go through the Direct entry brochure for the correct requirements before filling and submitting your form.

Most institution do not conduct external exam for Direct Entry applicant.

I hope I was able to make this clear to you? Say thank if yes. or if any further challenges, use the comment box below.

11 thoughts on “How to Apply for Direct Entry (DE) into Nigeria Universities

  1. As jamb direct entry form close. please sir if not when will it be. presently sir am not in nigeria sir and I want to obtain the form. will be in nigeria latest next Monday because of the direct entry sir. I want to knw if it’s still available before coming sir. thanks sir. your reply will be highly appreciated.

    1. No need coming down to Nigeria now cos the Direct Entery form is not yet out. The form start selling on 3days after jamb exam. A copy of this reply has also been sent to your email.

  2. hello gud afternoon sir I have two questions plz
    1- I’m graduated from kano state polytechnic and i have no sited on jamb at all can I get admission with DE form only.
    2- is the DE form ready plz feed back me

    1. Ans: 1. you will have to get jamb registration number before you start registration bcos your jamb reg will be required. pls go to jamb office to get a jamb reg no.
      2. the form start selling on 3days after conclusion of jamb exam

      i hope i ans you well.

  3. Please sir,I have few questions to ask,
    1. D E form can be available to any commercial banks or is selected?
    2. Presently I’m not here in Nigeria, so can one buy it for me or is not allowed?
    3. Closing date is when?

    1. Yea, one can buy it for you. Then you fill it online. But you have to be monitoring the institution you have chosen to know when the need your attention for the admission process, like submission of valid document, etc

  4. sir, is it possible for a candidate to buy two direct entry form in ayear
    2. my sis bought hr form but she put in for a university which happen to b her first choice but our parent disagreed wt her nd one person advice her to buy another one.
    3. is thr any need for any jamb registration again, cos she finished from health tech nd obtained d form in one centre in lagos nd they called her dat her print out copies nd other document have been submitted to jamb office. i think after d jamb has registered her nd her registration number is shown on d slip thr is no need for any registration numbr els whr again

    1. You can,t buy two direct entry because you can’t use one JAMB reg no for two registration. It will not work

  5. pls sir can u notify me through my email when the direct entry form is out.
    and also can some1 having a lower credit qualify to apply for d direct entry form.

  6. What Universities offer direct entry
    And could I get an email of the reply

  7. pls help me out do uniport accept jamb direct entry 2nd choice into faculty of Education In 2018/19 ongoing jamb registration ?

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