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  1. Well detailed guide. Thanks a lot for this one!!!

    1. onlinedailys says:

      You’re most welcome Felix

      1. Babatunde says:

        They have deducted their money of Atm card from my balance but yet to deceive the card

  2. Okpanachi Optimist Samuel says:

    I have received my debit card more than 4 days now and you people refuse to send me my default pin to activate my card

    1. onlinedailys says:

      congratulations Okpanachi,
      Please, note that this page was created to guide you on the process of applying for the Opay Debit visa card, therefore, it is important to note also that this is not an official opay website. But you can contact them via the following channels;

      OPay Official WhatsApp number: +234018888329
      email address: [email protected]

  3. How can I get opay Visa card

  4. I’m really interested in having the opay debit card 🤲🙏

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