How to Apply For OPay ATM Debit Visa Card – Get rewards for Spending

Not different from other rewarding cards (OPay Debit Visa Card), but the consistency of their networks and other privileges attached to the usage of the card makes it attractive for every OPay registered users to try.

With the new Opay’s debit card gives you the freedom to make quick and easy payments both online and offline, earn money, and save more.Withdraw your money at your convenient ATM point no lowest charge rate (but for now free on all Zenith Bank ATM points nation wide).

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Using The OPay Debit Card

Just like all other bank cards, with your new OPay debit card you can use an ATM around you to make your transactions.

But unlike the bank cards you use, the OPay ATM card allows you to earn thousands of cashback every year. As long as you keep transacting with your card, you keep accumulating massive cashback for yourself.

OPay ATM Debit Visa Card Charge Rate & Benefits

We have as well contacted OPay severally to give us the breakdown of their card charges, but there seems to be no response on that yet. But so far below are the official Apply For OPay ATM Debit Visa Card charges which we have gathered;

Apply For OPay ATM Debit Visa Card applicationN700
Withdrawing from any Zenith Bank ATMFree
Maintenance FeeFree for Ever
Fund transfer feeFree transfer (90 times monthly)

The cashback is one of the benefits to start counting from. Other benefits includes the interest you accumulate (which is noticed to be more that Opay’s Owealth interest rate) while saving.

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How to Request for the OPay ATM Debit Visa Card

You MUST be a registered member of OPay. So in order to apply for the OPay ATM Debit Visa Card, download the OPay App and register, then log in (or use the steps below to create a new OPay Account). The OPay mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. However, you can as well consider the charge rates (mentioned above) as a benefit to consider applying for the Opay debit card.

  1. Log in to your Opay App.
  2. Click on “Me”.
  3. Click on “Request for OPay Debit card”.
  4. At the Referral Colum, put 9L4WJW8 And Confirm.
  5. Select your Pick up Location.
  6. Fill in the Necessary Details Required.
  7. Then make a payment of N700 which is the ATM Card Fee.
  8. At the Referral Colum, put 3OULO1N And Confirm.

Note: OPay will Pay you when you activate this ATM Card.

How to create a Free OPay Wallet Account

If you want to become an Opay Accredited agent in your location or State, use the complete the OPay new account registration process following these steps).

You can create an Opay wallet account in TWO ways; through an OPay Mobile app and the Opay official website.

The OPay account registration requirements still remain the same regardless of the channels you’re creating the account from.

Sign Up for an OPay account Via

  1. Visit the official OPay’s website
  2. Click on “Create Account”.
  3. Fill in the details and submit your application.
  4. You will further be ask to verify your registration. You could verify with your phone number or/and email address. You just completed the registration process once that’s done.

Sign Up for an OPay account Via Mobile App

First, download the mobile app from your mobile app store, then click on create account to proceed. The steps and requirements are similar.

Use the comment box below in case you have any question or assistant you need.


  1. Well detailed guide. Thanks a lot for this one!!!

    • You’re most welcome Felix


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