How to Apply, Get, & Activate Opay Card – Online Method

We posted about the OPay card as at the time it was announced – check here. But over overtime, there have been more challenges still pointing on how to apply for the Opay Card, or how to get (device) it, and how to activate the new Opay card.

We have made those concerns elaborated on this page, thus, you’re to take your time to go through these steps and get the same exact result.

But before then, understand better about the new Opay card.

A Brife review about Opay Debit Card

The new Opay card is not different from other bank cards you have already. That is to say, still allows you to get access to your money anytime and anywhere, whether via POS, online transactions, ATM, etc. And because the card is a Visa card, you can also use it at any ATM around the world.

But the interesting part of the Opay card – that makes it a bit different from other Bank cards you may already have is that; easy-participation promotions for bonuses and the discount given to their customers when they use the OPay card.

Not all,…

If you want to avoid the Bank monthly charges for the so-called Card mentainance, SMS cost, etc…

Why the word ” Easy-participation promotions “?

This is because few of among the commercial banks engaging in Promos gives conditions that are almost impossible for the common customers to win something. But here in OPay, almost every customer stands the chance of winning.

For example;

You win about N1,200 cash (paid into your OPay account instantly) when you refer someone to apply and start using the Opay Card.
– You get some certain cashback for using/Spending with OPay card.
– and other subsequent opportunities that comes later…

This are rear opportunities in other Mobile Wallet Banking companies and Banks.

Just like other banks, you must be an OPay (PAYCOM) account holder to be eligible for the card application and ownership. Learn how to create an OPay account (here) and OPay Agent Account.

How to Get Opay Debit Card

  1. Tap your OPay App and log in
  2. Click on “Me”.
  3. Click on “Request for OPay Debit card”.
  4. At the Referral Column, put your invite referral code or you can skip it
  5. Choose your Identity verification Type (National ID, Intl. Passport, Driver Licence)
  6. Select your Pick up Location, or choose Express to have the card delivered to your home or office address.
    (Please note that the cost of applying for the OPay card is N700, and an additional cost of N300 if you have selected Express develivery.)
  7. Fill in other necessary details required.
  8. Then the money will be instantly deducted from your wallet N700 or you will have to proceed to making the payment through the detail provided on your screen.
  9. Confirm your request.


Now, what’s Next?

You just need to relax and wait till you’re called to come pickup your parcel (after or within the estimated date of delivery). See images below to see how the parcel looks like;

Please note that no other money will be paid at the delivery point. Only collect your parcel (OPay debit card).

Now, follow the steps below to fully activate your Opay Card.

Opay Card Activateion Process

Now that you have received the card, you can carry out the activate excesise via the OPay app or visit any nearby Zenith bank ATM to complete the activation.

See steps below;

Activating Opay Card via OPay app

Activating Opay Card via any Zenith bank ATM

  1. go to any Zenith Bank ATM location
  2. insert the card into the marchine
  3. ENter the defult PIN –

Now you see all the process, please also do well by sharing this page across all social platforms so that others can get a one-time solution to the OPay card application, receiving, and activation process.

You can as well use the comment box below to drop your questions, we are always stand-by to respond.


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