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How To Apply, Register And Obtain National ID Card

Every country of the world seeks to ensure that the citizens of their country are well identified. Nigeria is not an exception. Obtaining the National identity card is often considered as cumbersome by many. But, we seek to make the process simplified by bringing to you How To Apply, Register and Obtain National ID Card.

national-id-cardThe National ID Card is a very important document for Nigerian citizens. The ID card is pre-requisite for major official purposes. It is required for account opening, banking transactions as well as legal activities. The importance of the ID Card to both the individual and the government makes it very needful for you to know How To Apply, Register and Obtain National ID Card.

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How To Apply, Register and Obtain National ID Card

The National ID Card is awarded by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). To get yours, below are the processes to follow:nimc

  1. Visit the NIMC website here to access the Enrolment Form
  2. Fill the Enrolment Form online with all your details and print out a summary sheet with a 2D Barcode and Registration Identification Number.
  3. Go to the enrolment centre, where an enrolment officer scans the barcode to pull up your information from the database.
  4. You should verify and confirm the enrolment data on the system.
  5. Your headshot photograph, fingerprints and signature would then be captured.
  6. Submit your supporting documents for scanning.
  7. Your enrolment is acknowledged where two slips would be given to you. (a) Transaction Slip (b) NIN Slip indicating completion of enrolment.

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Other Needed Documents

nationail-id-card2After you must have done the online application, you proceed to an enrolment centre near you. There are other documents you must go with to aid your enrolment. The documents include:

  1. Old National ID card.
  2. Valid Driver’s license.
  3. Valid International passport.
  4. Voter’s ID card.
  5. Staff ID card.
  6. State of origin certificate.
  7. Birth certificate/declaration of age

Any of these should be helpful to you. So, quit the delay. Get up and register yourself and be counted. Obtain your National ID Card today and you will be glad you did.

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  1. Pls am in bida niger state how do I get to do my national Id card?

  2. I register and collected two peppers sense 2015 but up to known the permanent is not ready why ?

    • Just go to the near by office of NID to check what the issue is. Thanks


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