How to Become a MoneyGram Agent – Registration form and Requirements

Have you imagined becoming an agent to a most largest money transferring company – MoneyGram? MoneyGram offers you and your business to come join their success. How, right?

It’s simply to Become a MoneyGram Agent.

MoneyGram offer one of the largest agent networks in the world, alowing interested applicants from around the world to apply and gain the Opportunity of increasing approved Agent’s revenue and grow repeat business; Strengthen consumer loyalty by offering additional services such as money transfer, topup, bill payment and more.

It doesn’t matter your country or laction. Once you’ve the requirements to become a credible MoneyGram Agent your approval is sure.

You earn commissions as well gain more vistors to come pertronice other goods and services at your business place or shop. That is, gaining more traffic into your business.

If you are running a profitable business that’s generating you large income, and its well managed then means you will be accepted of becoming MoneyGram Agent.

Also, you may have better chance of being accepted as a MoneyGram agent, particularly if you trade in an area where the company has few agents.

How to Get started to Become a MoneyGram Agent

Your readyness and goal to archieve success should be the first priority. Aside that. it also requires you to have a business account and your trading or business lisence.

You don’t have to worry once your application is approved to become MoneyGram Agent is approved because their representatives will properly train you and provide equipments or materials to start your own MoneyGram Agency business.

The application is carried out online and within a few seconds you’re done; waiting for their content.

Requirements of Becoming MoneyGram Agent in Your Country

  • Company accounts
  • Trading license

MoneyGram Agent Application Websites

As mentioned in the introduction of this page, MoneyGram is for all. Though the company hosted website extension for each country, for instance;

  • UK moneyGram again is –
  • Indian MoneyGram Angent portal is –
  • Nigerian portal is –
  • Germany Angent site is –
  • China Angent portal is –
  • …and so on

But we can’t go on to list all the MoneyGram Angent sites for each countries. One thing is sure, your browser location will automatically open your country potal or you n can as well use the global website.

The “global website” ( is an English page for everyone irrespective of your countries as long as you understand and can read English.

During the registration on the global website – you will always have to select your location.

How to Register to Become MoneyGram Agent

  1. Please Visit the MoneyGram Agent application portal
  2. On the form/page you’ll be requested to fill in your personal details and information about your business
  3. Then submit the form once you’ve gone through it and happy with every information provided.
  4. You’ll be contacted by a MoneyGram representative to discuss your eligibility. If you are deemed a suitable candidate, a MoneyGram representative will arrange an appointment to visit you to discuss the application process in greater detail.
  5. Prepare any documentation as directed by the MoneyGram representative dealing with your application prior to your meeting.

    PLEASE NOTE: that documents you’ll need to produce will depend on your region, you’ll typically need to provide trading licenses, your company accounts and details of any loans. MoneyGram will also conduct a credit check on your business.

  6. Here will be the time for you to negotiate terms and sign any paperwork once you’ve been accepted as a MoneyGram agent.
  7. Then you’ll be assigned to one of the representatives to start and complete MoneyGram’s agent training program
  8. Now, its time to be the “BOSS” – start offering money transfers to your customers.
MoneyGram Agent Registration Form Image
MoneyGram Agent Registration Form Image

Please note that its your right to request for promotional material from MoneyGram to display on your premises for advertisement.

Benefits as a MoneyGram Agent

  • Attract a new group of customers
  • Offer a service that complements your existing ones
  • Add MoneyGram commissions to your revenues

What MoneyGram Agent Make Per Transaction

On the contrary, MoneyGram pays higher than Western Union (average 24% vs average 18%), but Westen Union has bigger brand recognition and registered customers in most countries.

As a rule, over 80% of global Western Union or MoneyGram transactions come through partners, who are often banks, retailers or foreign exchange bureaus. The fee (and FX) is always paid by the Sender not you the Agent, and the more competition there is, the lower the fee. Let’s take for instance, US to Mexico or UAE to India is massively competitive and commoditized which means really low fees.

Both sender agents and receiver agents get paid a percentage of Fee and/or FX. The largest partners get up to 25–30%, with the smaller mom & pop shops getting closer to 10–15% of the fee.

However, The World Bank monitor these fees and have said the average fee, (fee + FX) is circa 8.9% of the face value sent.

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