How to Become an Opay Agent in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa (Free)

If you actually want to learn how to become an Opay Agent here in Nigeria then there are questions that may be ringing in your mind; do you need to register a company or business name, what is commission chat, how much capital needed to an Opay Agent in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa etc…

All this are very important questions that requres a well explained answers to enble you get started. If you are here – aspiring to beome Opay agent then this page is for you.

Already on our previous article relating to Opay, we where able to explain how the registration process from start to finish, you ccan as well check that out later here.

Like I already said, this page has explained some trending questions regarding getting started with Opay, but eventually, we didn’t answer the question on your mind, then use the comment box below – we will respond sharply.

Let’s get started…

What is Opay All About?

OPay is a payment platform developed and managed by Opera Mini Software, designed to enable its users Pay bills, transfer and receive payment, do shopping, pay for other products and services through the app or mobile web Browser called Opera.

And of course, thses are day to day activities. This is why Opay now provides even more secured and fasted way of provided those features.

Opay has partnered with most top banks and credit card company “MasterCard” – to build stronger confident and well secured services.

Is Opay Agent Registration Free?

Its well stated on the official website that registration is free. And, nothing could be more afforable than “FREE”.

Is The OPay POS also for Free?

Yes, you get that for free once you have completed the registration and OPay have accecpted your application to become its credible Agent.

Can I Use the POS for Recharege Card Printing Business?

No, the POS is not designed for it. You customer who wants to recharge will have to do that directly from his/her bank account when slot in ATM card into the POS (and follow other processes to complete a transaction).

How Much Capital DO I need Do I need ?

To become an Agent with OPay requires no capital from the Company ” Operapay”.

But other arragement you make such as shop or office, the decorations, etc will all depends on your capability.

What is OPay Transaction Rate?

The OPay Mobile Money Agent give you a huge opportunity to generate income for you and your business. Below is the list of OPay Transaction Fee per transaction.

(Single Transaction)
(Single Transaction)
Cash Transfer to Any BankN32 per transferKSh8.991
TV SubscriptionFreeFree
Electricity Bill PaymentFreeFree
Buy Recharge CardFreeFree

OPay Mobile Money Agent platform remains the fastest way of many cool money as an angent; you can compay with other mobile money angent platforms below;

This means you have the ability to do your own calculation and know what you’ll be charging at your area.

What Are the Ways to make money on OPay?

Providing the services listed in the above table are part of the ways of making money as OPay Agent.

How do I Now Become an Opay Agent?

its simple and straight forward, also we have explained below the phases you should expect to face from the registration to the finishing stage.

How to Become an Opay Agent in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa (Free) 1

Phase 1: Online Registration Process

You have to start by completing the registration form online. Use the steps below;

  1. Go to the official website –
  2. The first is to confirm whether you’re an existing mobile money agent? You have either YES or NO to select from. Please select No
  3. Other information on the Opera Opay Agent registration form is your personal details; Name, phone number, email address, and your location. Make sure to be using a working phone number and a valid email address that you can be reached with.
  4. Click the Sign Up button that you see below.
How to Become an Opay Agent in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa (Free) 2

Phase 2: Wait for Opay to Contact You

While waiting for OPay to contact you, its necessary prepare down the following documents:

  1. Your Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  2. A utility or other bill dated no later than three months prior to registration as proof of your address
  3. Copy of your national ID card, driver’s license or international passport
  4. One passport photo

Complete the “phase 3” as you wait for OPay to contact you. All these includes the steps to become an Opay Agent in Nigeria and Kenya.

How to Become an Opay Agent in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa (Free) 3

Phase 3: Download Opay Official Mobile App

Now you have to download the Opera Opay App. Directly click on the Android App store icon if you have use your phone to carry out the “Phase 1” which is the registration phase.

Or Use these steps before to locate the right Opay app on the Google Play store through your mobile phone.

  1. launch/open your Google Play store App
  2. use the search bar (at the top of the page) search with the keyword “Opay”. Be sure; you will see the same logo and app by “Opay Digital Services Limited”. Make sure that’s what you see.
  3. Click the Install. Wait for the installation to complete.
  4. Now click “open”
  5. You should see “Welcome to OPay. First, select your country, then enter your mobile phone number. You’ll get an SMS with a one-tme access code to process this step.
  6. click next
  7. Now, you’ll notice that your phone will automaticaly syecronize with OPay if the Phone number (sim) is on same phone the app is installed, therefore, you may not need enter any code. Hoever, an SMS will still be sent to you. But for those who has the sim on a seperate phone will have to enter the code as sent to move further.
  8. Complete the ‘About You Form“; input every detail about you correctly (names and email address, but phone number already captured).
  9. Then click on “Next”
  10. You are now on “Set up PIN” page; this is a sceret access code/pin you will use to accessing or completing transactions. The PIN requires numbers (like 12345…).
  11. Click on “Create PIN”
  12. Login to your email account to verify your registration. Already the notification will as well show up on your mobile screen.
  13. Open your email, then open the message sent by OPay, then click on the Verification link. You should get see a “Thank you for verifying your email” display on your screen.

How to Become an Opay Agent in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa (Free) 4

Phase 4: Get your POS Machine and Other available martrials for the business

By now OPay should have contacted you, since it doesn’t take much time for that to happen. You have meent with them and gotten your POS.

You should get the guideline on how to use the device for your business and to serve others (your customers) well.

But you are always free to ask any question via the comment box on his page or use the OPay direct contact to reach them; share your complains or challenges.

The OPay POS device is given to you for FREE! No one will be asking your for a panny.

OPay agent image

Phase 4: Start Operation (Get started)

This is the final phase where you’ve kicked off the business. Now you can start providing services as well as making money and growing your business.

It will so please us if you share this page to your firends acrose all social media; with a click on the social icons below.

Use the comment box below for more contributions and questions.

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