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How To Boost LinkedIn Engagements Tips

One thing every social media platform has in common is the need for engagements. Writing great content is wonderful. But, more important is the engagement you have on those articles that shows how well the audience received them. In this case, engagements could come in as likes, comments, shares, saves, views etc. So here, we want to show you the best ways you can boost your LinkedIn engagement.

As you already must have known, LinkedIn is a great platform to use. When used well, LinkedIn can help you raise brand awareness and boost traffic to your business. But, unfortunately, most people are using LinkedIn wrong. Simply copy and pasting your latest blog posts for promotion is not the way to generate engagement, leads, or sales.

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If you are ready to scale up your LinkedIn engagement, then, here are the tips to implement right away!

Best Ways To Boost LinkedIn Engagements

Here are some key tips to boost LinkedIn engagements performance.

1. Make use of your personal profile

While the presence of company pages is growing on LinkedIn, personal profiles still dominate the platform. Company pages are valuable; they can provide more information about your business, link out to your homepage, and support a network of your employees. And there are ways that you can boost the visibility of your company page.

However, the bottom line is that personal profiles get more views, and greater engagement for the following reasons:

  • You cannot send connection requests or personal messages from a business page
  • You can’t use LinkedIn Publisher from a business page.
  • People are more likely to follow a personal profile than a brand
  • People want to engage with other people, not companies

Which means you should be posting from your personal profile for maximum engagement.

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2. Use polished photos

LinkedIn is a platform for business professionals, so it’s important to showcase a professional appearance. There are two primary photos on your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Your Headshot –This is the image people will see every time you show up in someone’s news feed or interact with them, so it’s important that you invest in a high-quality and professional-looking photo.Of course, professional doesn’t mean formal and buttoned-down. If you’re in a creative industry, a suit and tie could seem out of place. According to LinkedIn, having a profile photo will result in up to 21x more views of your profile and 9x more connection requests.
  2. Your Background Photo – If you’re still using the default LinkedIn background photo, you’re missing out on an opportunity. Background images can help you communicate your brand and showcase valuable information.Select a quality image that demonstrates your standing within the industry, your location or your brand to maximize this element.

3. Turn viewers into followers

Strangers who come across your profile on LinkedIn are more likely to follow you than to connect with you. This is why it’s useful to change your default CTA button on your profile to ‘Follow’ instead of ‘Connect.’ Changing the button can grow your network faster, and lead to more engagement. Plus, once people follow you, you can personally reach out and invite them to connect as well.

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4. Craft compelling content

You want the content on your profile to accomplish three things:

  1. Clearly communicating your brand story and value
  2. Using keywords to show up in relevant search results
  3. Providing value for people who find it

The most important content on your LinkedIn profile is your headline and summary. Your headline acts as an instant elevator pitch, helping to provide context and a “hook” to keep them on your profile.

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5. Highlight your skills

LinkedIn offers a number of optional sections that you can use to pad your profile. These include:

  • Languages spoken
  • Volunteer work
  • Honors and awards
  • Patents you hold
  • Causes you care about
  • And many more

Adding more elements to your profile creates new opportunities for people to connect with you. One particularly valuable section is ‘Skills and Endorsements’ – in fact, LinkedIn members who list at least five skills on their profiles will experience up to 17x more views. Make sure you order your skills so that the top three are the most relevant, as these ones will get the most visibility.


You have seen the various tips you can adopt to Boost LinkedIn Engagements. Now, it’s time to get to work! Share now!

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