How to Boost your Google AdSense RPM – How Possible is it?

One of the major of every webmaster is to earn high and consistently, most especially for those working with Google AdSense Program on their website or business. We have come across people making research on which nitch that pays more, how to boot their earning or RPM. We are going to talk about it critically and I will be hitting on the point base on my own personal experiences.

Take me for instance, who has been a blogger since 2006. At a time in the journey, I also was searching for how to boost my earning and RPM. But I came to realize after several years the points which am about to give on this page. Remember I said this post is going to be base on my own personal experiences and reaches.

Now, see – after I came to a conclusion on which direction to take, it began working for me. To an extent that from 2016 to 2018 I have trained up to 63 students (the majority of them from Nigeria, few other from Indian, South African and rest of it). The point is that every person is succeeding, cos they know the truth.

What Niche Pays More?

Few questions I do ask before anything is;

  • what is/are your objectives?
  • Is your primary aim just to make money?
  • What can you do or love doing?

If you can’t define your objective(s) before starting an online business then you may end up believing that the online business you hear about – people making $$$$$$ become an illusion to you. Meaning that you end up believing that there is a tree which you have planted online that will be generating you income regardless of your effortlessness.

This is the same reason when some people get frustrated to a level they start beliving on some jonk-software or program which they think will generate traffic or clicks or increase RPM.

Do not accept such program or Software.

First, make sure you have a clear objective, like;

  • Providing relevant information and good environment to your audience.
  • making sure they know you and you know them, etc.

Naturally and in the Business World – massive and consistent money making comes from every solution to problems. For an instant, you have headheack, then you should know that you need to go to a hospital for treatment. Now the doctor providing you with that care with a good environment, You will be happy to pay him, right?. This is how every other Business is, you provide solutions to problems and you get paid for it. Because the doctor took care of you, you can as well refer other having same or similar challenges and the doctor keeps making money. That is BUSINESS.

What you make as a profit doesn’t come to your mind first, rather how your audience reacts to your products and services is what should matter MOST to you, making money becomes a secondary matter.


What is AdSense RPM?

Page revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of page views you received, then multiplying by 1000. For example, if you earned an estimated $0.15 from 25 page views, then your page RPM would equal ($0.15 / 25) * 1000, or $6.00.


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How to Boost your Google AdSense RPM

I and my team have come across see people searching for which blogging niche pays higher – and you see a list of blogs listing them. This ends up with publishers not doing what they love best. Google Adsense Program has made it clear that it doesn’t my your career, you can still use Adsense and make money.

I try explaining at the beginning of this page that when you provide relevant information or give a solution to problems – which should be your #1 priority then you see money coming from it.  There is never a way of manipulating RPM to increase your earning.

That is why a reasonable amount of publishers keep searching on how “to Boost their Google AdSense RPM”, and they end up being frustrated. Forgetting that;

  • money comes from the ideas you share with people.
  • not everyday people come to your website and click on the ads.
  • how your present your contents (Post/article), that is the keywords arrangement also help in Google to determine which ads to display on that page. That is where there are tools that can help you get good keywords to build your article around it.
  • the amount of traffic you get also help.
  • a subsequent update on your blog or website.
  • positioning your ads in the right place also matters.


Now, let’s be practical again!

There are countries where there is less competition for ad space, for instance, Nigeria, Philippine, South African and the few more. When your article appears to rank in such countries then it means the Ads that should appear to the audience in their location should be related to their needs. One can’t be in Nigeria and at the same time having interest in the ad for other country promotion or affairs. Do you understand this?

Same applies to other Ads companies like Facebook, and the rest of them.

Let me share this simple experience.

I organized an online seminar on how to start a Business in Nigeria. So I sign up for Facebook Ads, with a daily budget of $5. You think its very small, right? Believe me, you are wrong if you think so.

After I finish setting up my Facebook ad, it became active for only 7day. and each day I was getting an optin of more than 200 daily (some days was more than that). Then I gathered my email list and sold out my eBooks to them and 80% responded within 3days. And some are still responding to date because the page is still on Facebook (without Ads running). So, people go to it and share page and comment too. I made my cool cash there.

Now coming to international market, to target audience in US only. I came and did the same thing, with the mentality of $5 daily budget. to run for 7days. I ended up getting online One-email optin with no sells.

This simply means that the Facebook Ads space is highly competitive, therefore, if I want to get a good result then I needed to increase my daily budget and the ads to run at less up to a month.

Same is apply in Google Adsense. Some Advertise bid high, some bid low  – all depends on their competitors and where they are targeting their audience from.

So, in this scenario do you start searching for How to Boost your Google AdSense RPM? It’s like searching for how to increase the bid of those advertizes (right from their account) for your own benefit, which is 100% IMPOSSIBLE.

When you open your website, those ads you see appearing to you is not the same ad that appears to people in the US, UK, South African, etc… Remember that Google AdSense is the #1. the online Advertising company that covers the world at large.



Google Adsense RPM or earning can’t be manipulated for any reason, therefore, focus on providing relevant information. Let your information target different audience from different countries. For instance, you see this page “How to Boost your Google AdSense RPM“, it is meant for every Google Adsense publishers to learn from, irrespective of their countries. But that doesn’t mean the ads that displays will be the same bid (CPC) from someone reading from US or Nigeria, it will vary.

This is also one of th reason you find out someone has a very low triffic but earned higher that one who has thousands of triffic. The key point remains – you should provide relevant information/contents.

Work hard and update regularly.  Changes will come. ALways remember this; If I have a “Pen” to promote from South African, and you also have the same”Pen” to promote from the US  – and we both run ads, my bid may appear lower than yours, all depends on how competitors and how fast we want the result to come.

If you have any question regarding this topic and related, feel free to use the comment box below. I will definitely reply if ASAP.

But guess what, I do not regard myself to be a pro, rather we are all learning and sharing ideas. Thank you.


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