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How To Build Healthy Long Distance Relationships

Staying in a close distance relationship has its own enormous challenges; long distance relationships are not immune to problems either. Most people voluntarily quit their relationships as a result of long distance. They are afraid and bugged with the fear of “Can this really work? How can this relationship survive the distance?” Undeniably, many partners would have had more joy if they were taught how to build healthy long distance relationships. We want to fill this gap.

Married and dating partners may face situations that demands separately from themselves. It could be caused by job-transfer, educational pursuit or whatever else. It does not have to be the end of the relationship. Rather, it should call for more understanding. It is expected the affected partners should really sit and discuss on how they can survive the distance. We shall show you how to build healthy long distance relationships.How To Build Healthy Long Distance Relationships

How To Build Healthy Long Distance Relationships

You have decided to maintain your relationship irrespective of the distance. The few tips below will provide you with the basic necessities towards achieving this end.

  • Build Trust

Trust is the bedrock of every relationship. It is much more important in long distance relationships. Without trust, there is no relationship. For partners to build healthy long distance relationships, they must have trust in each other. Long distance relationships have the capacity to breed distrust and jealous. Each partner wonders what the other is doing with who and where. Once there is no trust, it sparks a chain of actions. It gives way to over-protection. The one without trust will seek to control the other’s activities and friends. Before you say jack, disagreements begin to escalate. Therefore, if you must know how to build healthy long distance relationships, you must first build trust.

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  • Constant Communication

How To Build Healthy Long Distance RelationshipsWhile trust is the bedrock, constant communication is the lifewire of all relationships. Through communication, love and emotions are expressed. It is therefore a constant that long distance partners must be in constant communications. Try to talk to each other daily. With the aid of technology, you could also do video calling. You could use Whatsapp, Skype and others. Caution must be placed, however. While we advocate constant communication, it must be healthy. You do not have to communicate with each other for 12hours daily before you are satisfied.

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  • Schedule Visiting Times

The third tip on how to grow healthy long distance relationship is visiting. Provided the distance permits, you could schedule with your partner of how frequently the visiting has to take place. The fact you communicate through technology does not mean visiting is eradicated. No. You need your partner, your partner needs you. While there is no fixed rule on this, you and your partner must discuss on how to run this aspect.

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  • Imbibe Honesty

Irrespective of what is done, there would be times your emotional and other needs are not met by your partner. This demands honesty. Give an honest evaluation of how you feel. Being honest and sincere about your feelings gives your partner the chance of meeting these needs. Once you begin to hide these feelings for whatever reasons, you will grow to become resentful towards your partner. This is the beginning of the end.

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  • Settle Conflicts In Healthy Ways

Conflicts, crises, misunderstandings will surely come. The question is not “If”. It is rather a question of “When”. Therefore, when conflict arises, you must have to settle it amicably. There are certain issues that must not be settled online through chats and text messages. Most times, you will have to postpone some issues till when you meet each other. Other issues demanding emergency settlement must be treated maturely. If you fail to handle conflicts when they occur, you will fail to build a healthy relationship.

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The above points are some of tips on how to build healthy long distance relationships. Should you have questions on this or relations issues in general, we will gladly attend to them. Your comments, suggestions and contributions are very needful. Thank you for visiting us today.


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