How To Buy Cryptos on the Binance P2P (With Image Illustrations)

Have you been searching for how to buy cryptos on the Binance P2P marketplace? we have presented a simple & straightforward guide to use the Binance P2P. This is one of the plenty reasons Binance Wallet remains the #1 cryptocurrency wallet in the world.

Aside from security assurances, Binance has become a platform that talks and breaths digital (crypto) currency. In other words, all you need (information and tools) to make money trading cryptos is made available.

Although, to some users, the platform might look too technical and confusing, but guess what? Binance also has the Classic (simple) interface for new users. So no one is left behind in the Crypto world for as long as Binance exists.

Why Binance P2P is a good service for buying and selling Cryptos

Aside from the fact that the Binance P2P marketplace is the fastest and easiest way of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, it allows traders to connect and perform transactions with absolute zero fees. of course, e know there are lots of other credible Crypto Wallet platforms but not all P2P exchanges offer this feature.

There are countries like Nigeria, for example, cryptocurrency trading is restricted, meaning her citizen will not be able to perform any form of cryptocurrency trading with their commercial bank or credit/debit cards. But with the Binance P2P networking, transfers take place because money is transferred to the seller directly.

What You Should Know About the Binance P2P

  • The Binance P2P is seperate wallet inside your Binance account. You should understand why and how it is so, at the end of the steps below (on how to buy Cryptos from Binance P2P).
  • Your account which you’re paying from MUST match with the name on your Binance account.
  • Ensure you already have the same amonut available on your bank account.
  • Ensure that your complete the purchase of Cryptos on Binance P2P at the given timing (usually 20minites).
  • Ensure taking your P2P decission without 3-times-cancelation-attempts , hence, Binance may suspend your account.
  • Ensure sending the exact amount on the Seller’s P2P page and confirm payment (as shown below) ONLY after your transfer or payment is successful

How To Buy Cryptos on Binance P2P Marketplace

Remember you should have been a Binance registered user to start buying and selling through the Binance P2P marketplace. ????Click Here to sign up now???? if you are new to Binance

Step 1: Log in to your Binance Wallet/Account

Logging into Binance requires registered users to either using a mobile phone or the registered email address and password.

gif-enter p2p from more option
gif-enter p2p from wallet acct option

Step 2: Navigate to P2P

There are two options to get to the P2P page;

Option 1: From the homepage of your Binance account click the “More” to see more features, then tap on the P2P option.

Option 2: Navigate to the Wallet, then select the P2P option from the top menu bar, then select the coin or Crypto you want to buy, and tap on the “Buy” button to take you to the P2P marketplace.

Step 3: Select Preferred Seller to By from:

On this page also, you can proceed on buying Cryptos on Binance P2P by Two options;

Option 1: The P2P Express option – This allows you Binance to recommend a seller with the best deal and that sells within the range you want to buy from.

Option 2: The P2P option – here you see different sellers alongside there minimum amount/price of the crypto in question (that you want to buy). The logic here is to select a seller that sells within the ranges of your demand.

Step 4: Transfer Purchased Crypto(s) to the Main account:

Remember from the start we mentioned that the P2P is a separate part of your account, though on your account.

After you have completed your purchase and the transaction is done successfully, you may notice that the crypto has not been credited or not reflecting on the “Spot” area of your Binance Wallet.

Now you have to transfer from your P2P to the spot account where you can trade with it. follow the steps below;

  • Go back to the homepage and tap on “More”
  • Tap on “Transfer”, then select the crypto you want to transfer.
  • Tap on “Transfer”. Done!
    You can checkback your “Spot account” to see your crypto has been credited instantly.

Now you understand the complete steps on how to “Buy All Cryptos on Binance P2P”. You now see the different P2P services available (Express and P2P); both are effective without risk or fear.

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