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How to Cancel PayPal Recurring Payments (Subscriptions) Permanently

It’s time to stop losing money on irrelevant products and services that you want. This page should guide you through the process to Cancel PayPal Recurring Payments.

What is Recurring Payment?

A recurring payment is an automated payment model that pulls funds from customers accounts automatically at regular intervals for the goods and services provided to them; through the Merchant platform (like PayPal).

The recurring payment will only be automated if the customers authorizes it. Funds will continue being deducted for as long as it remain authorizes (not-terminated) and the the customer keeps enjoying the services.

But there are several actions that can terminate a recurring subscription, you either;
(a) stop funding Merchant account: this way the service provider makes several failed attempt to renew your subscription. But the imitation is that, some service provider won’t stop trying until they have succeeded is collecting the money for a service. It hurts if these are services you longer use.

And what about if the account is so important to you – for other payment services, should you because of this stop funding the account? Which is why the second option may be better.

(b) cancel any unwanted subscription from the root (main provider): This is also a better option that works and even more preferred than the above option.

(c) cancel from the payment Merchant: you may prefer combining the “option a” and this (c). So this article should show “how to cancel PayPal Recurring Payments”. PayPal is one of the best online payment Merchant platform that allows you pay for services online without exposing your credit/debit card details on those shopping platforms.

What is PayPal Recurring Payments?

PayPal recurring payment is simply you authorizing papal to deduct your money either from the linked card or your PayPal balance – to settle your active or recurring subscriptions.

That is the reason PayPal recurring payments dashboard allows you to see those list of automatic payment subscriptions with the ability to manage them.

Your Guide to Cancel PayPal Recurring Payments

Step 1: Login to Your PayPal Account

You need your email address and password, and if you have extra login security layers then you also need to complete the process to gain access into your PayPal account. There are series of article already that shows how to login to a PayPal account – Check out quick guide here.

Step 2: Navigate to PayPal Recurring Payments Dashboard

This is the where you see your PayPal recurring payments list – for the companies or websites or services you may have been accepting an automatic payment. But to get there, click on the Settings icon

Then click on the Payment Tab

From here, you can manage your PayPal automatic payment. But first, you should see the list of all the services that were authorized for automatic payment

Click on the service and click on Cancel.

There should be a pup-up requesting you to confirm your option to Cancel Automatic Payment. Click on the button and its done.

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