How To Change Facebook Billing Currency To Any Currency At Anytime

Changing Facebook billing currency to any currency on Facebook account requires few steps and its straight forward. By default, all Facebook account are set to USD (dollar), but you can change to any currency any time.

Some Facebook users, especially do doing business, using Facebook Ad service per-say may be finding it stressful or impossible to change their billing currency on the Facebook account.

How I got to know its possible

I was running a Facebook ad campaign and was using PayPal as my preferred (primary) method of payment of Facebook Ad Manager acct. So at a point wanted to I need to use My Dollar MasterCard for the payment direct (instead of using PayPal – for no reason, just quick choice).

Then I found out that the Amount on my dollar MasterCard wasn’t going to be enough to pay off the outstanding bill, then I had to switch to my local currency payment method.

4 Steps to Change Facebook Billing Currency to Any Currency

  1. Login to Your Facebook Account. It’s easier when you’ve gained access to your Facebook account through a web browser –
  2. Then open a new tab on your browser and type in This is the Facebook Business Suite area where you manage your Facebook Ad, pages, pixel, etc. You won’t be asked to log in to business you have already logged in to your Facebook account.

    But if it doesn’t work like that for you, then you need to log in using the same login details for your Facebook account (the same email/phone number and password).
  3. The click on the “Settings
facebook business suite dashboard image 1
  1. Click on “Billing
facebook business suite billing settings image 2
  1. Then Click on “Payment Settings” at the top of the the page
How To Change Facebook Billing Currency To Any Currency At Anytime 1
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, on the “Business Info” section, click on the “PEN icon”
facebook business suite payment settings image 4

On the same page is where you can select or change “Payment Method“, to select whether you want to PayPal, Credit card, direct deposit, etc. to be your method of payment.

  1. You should get a pop-up (like the image below) to fill in your business address and below it is where you “change Facebook billing currency to any currency
image of changing Facebook Billing Currency To Any Currency

Now click the down-arrow, then select the Facebook billing currency to the preferred currency you want then click on the “Save“.

Please note that the FB billing currency you select has to match with the currency of the credit card you want to use.

Use the comment box below, should in case you’re still confused.


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