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How To Change Yahoo Mail Country Language & Location | Edit Yahoo Account

Right from the day you signup for account online, you may be thinking if its possible to edit yahoo account whether on mobile phone or computer. Editing your account information could be: to Change Yahoo Mail Country language and location, Change name, change phone number, edit mailing settings and so many more… (previously we have posted information on list of Yahoo Mail Country codes & how to change yours – check here).

The default setting even without going to  change Yahoo Mail Country Language & Location – the language is normally set has “English”. So for those of you who are not English speaking countries you can change your location and language during the new Yahoo account registration and even after creating the account.

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Edit “Account Information” Section

In the account security section – because of how important this part of the account is, you will be required to re-login again your account when every you are accessing it. Do not bother on the stress of login in again and again cos, if for instance you used someones device to access your account and forgot to logout, when another person tries to access it – will not go through because the person does not know your password.

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On the section of your account is your full “account security” where you can edit or change the following information:

  • Change password,
  • To add a recovering email address,
  • add phone number,
  • activate or deactivate a Two-step account verification,
  • Secure your account with “Yahoo Account Key” and
  • To Allow or disallow apps that use less secure sign in

Still under the account setting section you get to see “Preferences“, now this is where you change your language and location and Content preferences. So for those searching for how to Change Yahoo Mail Country – here is the section of the account to do that correctly.

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Here Are Steps On How To Change Yahoo Mail Country Language

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account
  2. Then Go to your “Locations and languages” settings. Image: Change Yahoo Mail Country Language
  3. Click the Select arrow in the second field to see a list of available languages.
  4. Select your language.
  5. Click the button next to the field to set your language.

If you also want to make changes in your “Location” you can using the same link above (where you change your language).


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