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How To Change Your Gmail Password On Android & PC

From time to time, it is very important to change your passwords to be safe online. As you know, a lot of hackers these days attempt to have access into people’s account for different reasons. This is why it is vital to learn how to change your Gmail password as well as other passwords you make use of. We will show you how to do this on your PC as well as on android phones.

Gmail makes it easy to change your password. Sometimes, you may be notified that someone is attempting to log into your account. This should be enough to cause you to change your password for safety purposes. So, if you are ready, then we are good to go. Ready?

Change Your Gmail Password Guidelines

Here is your guideline on changing your password on Gmail.

How To Change Password On PC

  1. First, log into your gmail  account on www.gmail.com.
  2. The next step is to go to your settings. From there, click on the Security tab and you’ll be presented with a number of options.Change Your Gmail Password
  3. Scroll down until you find the section labeled Signing in to Google.
  4. Next is to find the section titled Password. It will tell you when you last changed it and whether you have two-step verification activated.Change Your Gmail Password
  5. Click the Password button and when prompted, input your password again to confirm your identity. You’ll then be asked to input a new password. Make sure it’s complicated, with a mix of numbers, letters, capital letters, and special characters. If you struggle with coming up with a strong password, see how to craft easily remembered but strong passwords. You can also decide to use these free password management tools.
  6. Once you’ve verified the password, the change is complete and your account is nice and secure.

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How To Change Password On Android App

If you already have the gmail app downloaded in your phone, here is the guide you can use for this.Change Your Gmail Password


  1. Open the Gmail application and click the three-line menu icon in the top left-hand corner.
  2. Next, select Settings from the bottom of the menu and then choose the account you want to change (if you have multiple accounts connected to it).
  3. Click Manage your Google account, followed by the Menu button and then Security.
  4. Alternatively, you can scroll along the top menu and tap the same option.
  5. Tap the Password section and input your current password.
  6. Then input your new one, confirm it and you’re all good to go.

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Now you have seen how you can easily change your Gmail password. If you have any questions on this, we are here to answer you. Meanwhile, you can also share this to help others who might need this.


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