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How To Check Glo Bonus Data In 3 Ways

Keeping track of your data usage is what we all do. It helps us know how much data we have used and also how much data we have left. Unfortunately, most people do not know how they can check their data balance. In this guide, we will show you 3 different ways you can use to How To Check Glo Bonus Data In 3 Ways on your phone.

Of course, Glo has different methods of checking data plans and balances. But, we will limit ourselves to only these 3. They are detailed and contained every information you will need to know. So, anyone of them that suits you, you can go ahead and make use of it.

How To Check Glo Bonus Data In 3 Ways

Here are the 3 ways you can use to check Glo data bonus on your phone.

1. *777# Service.

To use this guide here is your progress.

  1. Type in the *777# and send on your device.
  2. A pop up message will show up with different options asking you to press and send a specific number for each option you want.
  3. Type in “1”, which is “Buy Data”.
  4. It will bring up different options for you too. But, type in number “4” which is “manage plan”.
  5. You will also see other options. You are to press and send number 4, which is “Get Data Balance”.
  6. Your remaining data balance will be shown. If you have no existing plan, it will also be explained to you.\

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2. Text to 127

Another method of checking is through a text message.

  1. Type INFO in capital letters.
  2. Send to 127.
  3. Then your data balance and expiration plans or otherwise will be sent in a text message to you.

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3. *127*0# Code Service

To use this code, here is what you will do.

  1. Dial *127*0# on your phone.
  2. You will receive a pop up message immediately.
  3. The message will contain the data balance you have. If you do not have, it will also be explained to you.

Using any of these means, you can have the knowledge of your data usage and bonus on your data subscription.

So, did you find it helpful? Please share to help others who might need it.


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