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How to Check My MTN Number Fast Now – Using USSD Code?

One Common question usually asked is; how do I check my MTN number now?
Well, just like every other network provider MTN also provides a dial code to quickly check and know what your sim card number is.

Depending on your country, the MTN sim card number USSD shortcode may vary.

On this page, we have provided several codes and steps to check your MTN phone number for Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, and Sudan.

But before going into listing the official USSD codes to check your MTN Number Fast, there are still other ways to check it, though. which includes;

1. Via SMS: With this method, you can recharge the unknown sim and call (dial) yourself or another person around you to get the number immediately.

2. Via SMS: This method is also easy to allow you to send an SMS (message) from the unknown MTN number to any other number you know. Then you can also Check and Know MTN Numbers.

3. Via MTN Customer service: This way allows you to call the support line and ask the representative to either call out your unknown number or/and SMS to you. Also, there are options to get your number yourself (without a call support line) called “self-service”. This service is free – both calling customer service and self-service.

But sometimes it’s even possible none of the above methods will be convenient due to individual reasons. That is why using the USSD code to check and know your MTN number becomes an ultimate option for everyone.

How to check my MTN number in Nigeria?

To start with, ensure that the MTN sim is already inserted into a phone. Then dial a short code *123# and send. You should get a screen with a list of options.

The option you should be interested in is the “My Info”, so reply by sending “1”.

On this second prompt, you should be interested in “My number” which happens to also be the first on the list of options displayed. Reply by sending “1”.

Now your phone number will display on the screen, as well MTN will send an SMS containing your sim number.

Please note that the prompt might change as time goes by. Depending on the label (figure) assigned to an option determines what figure to reply with. But as of when this page was published the “My Info” and “My number” and on the first list of each prompt.

How to Check My MTN Number Uganda

Start by dialling the USSD code *160*7# with the Sim you want to get the number

Select number 1 among the listed options, which is labelled for the option “My MTN Number.” An SMS containing your sim number will be sent to you immediately.

Done! You can now save your number in your contact list so as not to forget it next time.

How to Check My MTN Number Ghana

The Dialing shortcode for MTN Ghana for a quick sim number check is *156#

Follow the prompt, select “1” which is tagged as “check my MTN number”,

Your phone number will be displayed on your mobile screen, also an SMS will be sent to your phone.

How To Check Your Sim Number On MTN South Africa

Dial ∗123∗888# using the unknown sim card inserted into a phone already, then your sim number will display.

Also, one regular thing MTN does across all countries it service is that an SMS is sent immediately containing the same information displayed on the screen.

How To Check Your Sim Number On MTN Sudan

In Sudan, the MTN USSD code for checking the unknown sim number could also be used to check Sudan MTN registration status. Therefore, the steps below explain how to know your MTN Sudan sim number.

Simply dial the code *100*10#, then Press OK to send the request.
The number of your MTN Sudan sim will be shown in the dialogue box. And that’s it.

I hope this information helps?

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