How To Check NDA Kaduna List of Successful Candidate Names Online

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The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) as you know it to be an institution were every Nigerian officer cadet: PGD, Direct short Services, SSC and Masters Programmes candidates are trained to gain knowledge, skills and values necessary to meet the requirements of a military officer through military, academic and character development.  

In other words, the NDA is an institution where selected young able-bodied men and women are groomed into well educated, courageous, virile and erudite subalterns.

Just like every other Institutions in Nigerian : including Universities, Polytechnics, College of educations, etc. The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) also has various departments and faculties (Medicine, Engineering, Accountant, Government, Economics, Agricultural Science, etc).

The NDA forms which is usually released every year for fresh admission into academy, of which interested applicant who has what it takes  (requirements) to apply – usually apply for the Academy and also MUST apply for NDA through JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board).

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Procedures for Checking The NDA Kaduna List of Successful Candidate Names Online

Before now we have also get lots of responses and questions on “how to check NDA Kaduna List of Successful Candidate Names Online” so we have decided to make this article live to all who has already applied and written the exam – now waiting to check NDA results online.

After getting the form and taking the exam, checking the successful candidates list is another important task to follow as soon as the results are released, because the management of Nigerian Defence Academy gives a period of time/date each Successful Candidate into the NDA will come for further clearance and interviews.

NDA Websites

Officially The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) has TWO websites and each of this websites contains vital information for both in coming admissions and already admitted and workers to fetch latest information on what is going on in the academy. Its called information websites.

NDA official website
NDA official website  is NDA portal where you get information about new application form for new entrance, Exam announcements, admission requirements and also when ever the management releases list of NDA Successful Candidate Names Online.

In most cases when you want to check the list – you can use even your mobile phone to do so as long as your phone as  a PDF reader enabled in it. Then you can download the list or check for free.

While is officially is the main portal to get information on the latest events, news and other vital announcements which is been released on the page. Whenever new application form is out for SSCE, PGD, Direct short Services, and Masters Programmes – here is the right place to get every information you need.


Because these NDA websites are information sites for news and events – so, therefore, you will get information whenever the NDA Kaduna List of Successful Candidate Names are out. All you have to do is to visit any of the sites then ⇒then check the News/Event page or side-bar ⇒ you will see a “Heading” with List of Successful Candidates for …the Regular Course ⇒ click on the link ⇒ the page will have to open in PDF ⇒ now you can either download it or check only (all depends on you now).


  1. when is nda 69rc entrance examination result will be release.

    • Do not worry, once its out we shall inform you guys. Good luck.

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