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How to Confirm An Oder on shopping Site When Received

Purchasing from and receiving your order is not just enough to expect neither is it the end of what you can do. After your order has reached to you, you have to also confirm the item(s) you have purchased from the dealer/seller. And that is why we have made this article – to show you how to confirm a received order on Aliexpress shopping site.

Your confirmation goes a very long way in assisting and enhance the shopping site, the dealer/seller and yourself. We have listed some few necessary points (below) why you should confirm products/items purchased each time you receive it.

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Why you have to confirm your order;

#1. Understand that the dealer/seller will be waiting for your confirmation. Also to give a review of your experience on the item(s) purchased, the time of arrival, was the item just the way the dealer described it, etc.

Your review counts a lot. Order shoppers are scared and won’t want to put their money into a shop where they end up getting scrab products and services. This is why one of the criteria of shopping is checking the number of purchases and review of the previous shoppers; to builds confident on the new customer to shop or let know if to stay away from that item/seller.

#2. For your interest also you have to confirm because as your account grows you have more privilege for offers and bonuses from dealers and the Aliexpress managements.

Apart from that, in a case in the future, if issues arise; your account activities might be the first to check to know how responsible you have been reacting with the sellers so far.

#3. Of course, more credit to the shopping platform, letting people know that from around the world they can place an order and get it in no short time. This is why is a global and most popular shopping platform that sells cheap and deliver fast.

The management makes sure of protecting the shoppers’ interest an all cost.

So let’s jump into steps to confirm your order via the web (

Is Aliexpress Tracking Accurate?

Well, it depends, personally I have experienced were some items tracking was still showing “Departed country of origin” whereas the item has arrived in my country.

This is why it is necessary to always checkmate (visit your post-office) after about 3-weeks you placed an order. Though some orders arrived even before 3weeks. But always go and check if you suspect your tracking is not accurate.

Before confirming, please make sure that you have received your order. See image below showing “Track Order” status;

Confirm An Oder on image

Steps to Confirm An Received Oder on shopping

  1. Go to
  2. login to your account
  3. Click on “Order” button – on the right-side of the screen or Under your account profile you should see “My Orders” button to click on.
  4. You should see a list of your orders from here. Now check the goods or item you have received corss-check well (if you placed more than one order that looks similar especially.

    On the same line of the product, you should click on the “Confirm Good Received” button.
  5. On the other screen you will see the name of the seller and list of goods you bought from that seller, also another button “Confirm Goods Received”.

    Check/select the goods you have received (in case you bought more than one item from the seller), then click on “Confirm Goods Received” button.
  6. On clicking that there will be another pop-up asking you to confirm that you have received the order.

  7. Now complete the feedback form and submit. You just confirmed one order received now.

You may go ahead to confirm the rest using the same method on the web.

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