How to Create a LinkedIn Company page (aka Business Page) that boost conversion faster

If your business(s) has no social media pages also known as business or company page, then you are still in the dark. Social networking platforms are now better and the most perfect platforms to boost your business in whichever conversions you desire.

You can gather massive leads, sales and even other reaction you want your audience to engage in. Over 90% of the world population has a social media account; which could either be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. So it gives businesses the opportunity to get the right audience.

You have the ability to run different type of engagement ads to boost

According to findings, 3.96 billion people currently use social media worldwide, up almost double from 2.07 billion in 2015. And as of 2021, the number of people using social media is over 3.96 billion worldwide, with the average user having 8.6 accounts on different networking sites.

LinkedIn reported that over 740,000,000 members in 200 countries and regions worldwide. Also, more than 55,000,000 companies are listed on the LinkedIn social platform, with over 14,000,000 open jobs, 90,000 schools, and 36,000 skills listed currently. And still growing by the day.

With this, you can see why you need to Create a LinkedIn Company or Business Page to boost conversion faster. All the tools are available to capture the right audience for your business.

Right on this page (below) we have shown step by step on how to create your own LinkedIn business page.

Requirements for Creating a LinkedIn Business Page

  1. You have to have a personal account
  2. Your personal account MUST have “All-Star” or Intermediate” level – then you’ll be eligible to create a LinkedIn business page.
How to Create a LinkedIn Company page (aka Business Page) that boost conversion faster 1

If you go to your personal account, you should see your “Profile Strength” You can improve it by adding more sections to your LinkedIn profile account

  1. If you’re are new LinkedIn registered user, then you’ve to wait for at least 7days before you can set up
  2. You need to have “1st-degree connections” before you can create a business page.

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page (AKA Business Page)

Step 1: Login to your LinkedIn Personal Account

Go to the main website – and select the sign in. Then enter your email address (or user ID) and your password. But just in case you have further login steps to complete then follow the prompts

Step 2: Navigate to Work

At the top of your LinkedIn account, you will find the “Work” icon to click on. Then that brings out a drop-down, then scroll to the bottom and select Create a Company Page”

How to Create a LinkedIn Company page (aka Business Page) that boost conversion faster 2

The Company page creation page should display next – as numbered in No3 screen above.

Step 3: Select the best option for your business

On the “Create a Company Page” page, you should see four different ways to connect your business on LinkedIn;

Small business: This is categorised as businesses with fewer than 200 employees.

Medium to large business: This is applicable to businesses that have more than 200 employees.

Showcase page: This is for those who already have an existing businesses page, but want to create a sub-page to associate with that existing page.

Educational institution: Just as the name already suggested, this is for schools and universities – to enable them to create an official page for their educational institution.

However, any of the options selected will still land on the same kind of form to create a LinkedIn company page. In this tutorial, we have selected the “Small business” option.

How to Create a LinkedIn Company page (aka Business Page) that boost conversion faster 3

Step 4: Provide Page Information

Information required here are segmented into 3 parts; Page identity, company details, and profile details.

On the page identity, you’re starting with your business name which is automatically your LinkedIn URL page, business website (you can skip if your business doesn’t have one).

While the company details – you need to select the category of industry your business fall in, then company size, and the company type. All are selections from the drop-down.

The last part is the profile details – here you have to upload your business logo. If you don’t have any business logo yet, you could purse here and logo on to to create a free logo for your business right away. You also have the option to write your business tagline. The tagline allows you to briefly describe what your company or business is all about. However, you can always make changes anytime even after submitting and creating the business page.

Then check the box below to agree with the terms and condition, before submitting to create your LinkedIn company page.

Confirm that you’re happy with with every information provided, then check the box to agree with the LinkedIn terms, then click on the “Create Page” button

Not done yet!

Your LinkedIn company admin page will show next where you can start editing information that you had already filled and to start improving on your company page.

Talking about improving your company page, just as LinkedIn wants you to improve your personal profile to the “All-Star” account status, the same way on LinkedIn business/company pages.

LinkedIn will show information you need to add to your company profile to build your page and gain more audience to your Company Page.

Building Your LinkedIn Company Page

If you didn’t skip any information while creating the LinkedIn company page – just Kneel on following the steps showed above, then you shouldn’t have many recommendations left. And that means you have just about FOUR more steps to completing building your business profile.

You should be left with the following to add up to your business details; Adding business descriptions, Adding locations, Adding your First Post, and creating Hashtags for your business.

How to Create a LinkedIn Company page (aka Business Page) that boost conversion faster 4

Start from anyone by clicking on the “Add”. Remember saving your settings after completing each steps.

You should see a notification that you have successfully built your page once you’ve finished providing the required. At this point, you can start posting contents and running ad campaigns on your LinkedIn company page.

How to Create a LinkedIn Company page (aka Business Page) that boost conversion faster 5

In case you face any challenges while trying to follow the steps above, simply comment below, and we’ll attend to it fast.


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