How to Create a Youtube Channel that Grows Fast

Video has become a common way of interaction, whether as a business person or individual, for fun or educating. Viewers now prefer watching videos, and so Youtube provides the platform for every YouTuberers to make money as people keep watching their video content.

If you want to create a Youtube channel that grows fast then you have to read through this page thoroughly because the steps on this page are the exact steps Pros/Gurus apply on their Youtube channels and that is why you see must video on youtube having hundreds of thousands and millions within a space of days or week.

Optimizing your channels is the first priority, before even optimizing any video you upload.

Avoid becoming victims of those who create a Youtube Channel without optimizing the channel first, before video upload commences, because the later result becomes anger and frustration due to lack of audience, and not making money on Youtube channels as desired.

But before we proceed, there is important information on youtube channels you need to understand.

Tips to Understand about Youtube Channel

  1. Creating Multiple Channels

On one Youtube account, you can create as many channels and optimize each of them for its different purposes. For example, on one account you can have a Youtube channel list like; “Make Money Online”, “Good recipe for Kids”, “Best Slow song for adult”, etc.

So you don’t have to start creating different accounts just because you wanted to have a separate or unique channel for a purpose.

  1. Configurations of Channel To Rank Faster

Features like what title your Youtube channel bears, description, and tag (keywords) you want to rank for. All these allow Google to understand your channel better and rank your videos faster.

  1. Automated Filters

You wouldn’t want your new Youtube channel account to be a free playground for spammers while uploading videos and on Youtube live stream events. Google has provided features to enable blocking of certain keywords, links, hide users, and add moderators to your channels.

  1. Enabling Advance Features On your Youtube Channels

There are several verifications to complete for Google to enable advanced options like monetizing your channels, making longer videos, the ability to create custom channel URL links, and many more.

Guess what?

This page has covered even more to build fast and successful Youtube Channels. After going through these steps, your videos from henceforth should start competing on Google and Youtube search engines.

Full Steps to Create a Youtube Channel

Step 1: Create a Google Account

Creating a Google account is free, and can be used to access any Google online services or accounts like Gmail, Google Drive, PlayStore, and Youtube we’re working through on this page, etc.

Your User ID (or username) becomes your email address and password to gain access to the account. Click here to learn the complete steps to create a free Google account.

Step 2: Login Youtube Account

Logging into your youtube account simply go to from a web browser or download Youtube mobile app. You’ll gain access with your email and password.

Step 3: Navigate to Create a Youtube Channel

image pointing-create a youtube channel-image

Click on your profile image icon (by the top-right of the page), then select “Create a channel”

What you see might differ if you’ve already created a channel.

In such a scenario, you may have to click the “profile picture icon” (as shown in the above images), —> then select “Settings” —> “Add or manage your channel(s)” —> then click on the “CREATE A CHANNEL“.

image showing button to create youtube channel-image1

But note that in case-it still remains the pathway to create a youtube channel at any given time.

Step 4: Name Your Channel

Doing this for the first time, you should see a pup-up – to click on “Get Started”. Now two options Personal and Custom channel) of creating a Youtube Channel pops up.

youtube personal and custom channel difference-image

Personal Channel: when you’re creating a Youtube channel for the first Google gives you the option to create a channel that will be limited to your Google account name and picture. Which means that you can’t edit the name on the channel.
Meanwhile, the Custom (Brand) channel: allows you to use a custom name (meaning you name it anything you want), and if you also have the intention of sharing access to the channel with a third party – may be to fix or upload videos, as a channel manager, etc…, then the Youtube Custom channel is best for you because you won’t have to share your Google email and password with them.

On the other hand, if you’ve already created a (personal) channel, the Custom brand channel will be your option.

(a) Give your channel a name. Please note that you can always edit the name later.
Check the box to agree that you’ve understood the terms of use of the Youtube account. Then click on “Create”.

name-your-new youtube-channel-image

(b) Go on and upload a profile avatar picture for your new Youtube channel.
Then write an interesting and convincing description for your channel in the box provided.

The description area is an important part of a Youtube Channel, therefore it is necessary to write a constructive and optimized description by clicking important keywords that are also related to Youtube channel contents – for easy ranking.
Use any free Youtube keyword tool (like TubeBuddy and vidIQ) to get relevant keywords best for your channel content. You will be needing those free tools to get rankable Youtube tags best for any video content you make.

But in some cases, you may be redirected to the Channel page. Simply click on the “CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL” to redirect you to the Youtube Studio account of the channel. Here you can complete all setups by clicking on the “Customization”.

“Branding” tab: Navigate to the “Branding” tab to upload your avatar profile picture, Banner image, and Video Watermark.

Note: you can search for good quality free pictures on Google search or

“Basic Info” Tab: Then navigate to the “Basic Info” Tab —> from here you can create or edit information about your Channel; information such as channel name, description, your social links (Eg. Instagram, Facebook page, etc.), and your contact information.

Remember, On the Youtube Studio area- you can customize your channel. And you can enter Youtube studio by clicking on your profile picture —> then select “Youtube studio”.
You won’t be able to customize your channel URL until you’ve gotten up to 100 subscribers.
It is important to fill your official email address in case any company can easily contact you when they want to work with you.

Remember to click on the “PUBLISH” button when you’ve completed your channel customizations.

Layout” Tab: This is where you make changes to your currency unit, but it doesn’t charge the official unit assigned by google for your country.

(c) Navigate to “Settings” to see more channel optimization options such as; General, Channel, Upload defaults, Permissions, Community, and Agreements.

youtube channel settings image

Starting with the “General tab“; This is where you make changes to the currency unit. However, your change doesn’t affect Google’s default currency unite assigned for your country.

Meaning that even after changing to your preferred currency, it only changes on the view in your Youtube channel but won’t change on the currency Google set for your country.

Channel” tab; here you provide more information about your channel. A very important area of optimizing your channel to enable Google to know what your channel is all about and rank your video content faster.

Click on the drop-down button and select your country of residence.

Then in the “Keywords” field, make sure to add all keywords that are relevant to your channel. use those free Youtube keywords tag tools to get relevant keywords your competitors are ranking for – and add to yours.

Move to the “Advanced Settings” under the Channel tab; there are settings you may want to change or activate there, major once are;
—> “subscribers count”; is left to you if you want Youtube to always display the number of your subscribers.
—> “Do you want to set your channel as made for Kids?”; check the nature of your video content to determine (by select any of the options) whether they will be good for kids or not.

Then “Feature eligibility” tab (still under the Channel tab); is where you verify your new Youtube channel to unlock more features to explore. Click the down-arrow on the option not verified yet to see what is required task and complete them to get it eligibly verified.

You may also see either ONE, TWO, or THREE verification steps to undergo depending on your account verification level so far; especially if you have already verified your account with either Video verification, Valid ID or Channel history method. The third verification is usually to unlock the monetization application feature after you’ve reached its requirement (which is up to 1k subscribers and 4K watch hours).

Upload defaults” tab; here you’ll provide almost all information you have already provided about your Youtube Channel, which includes:

—> under the “Basic Info”: video title, description, Visibility (select private – meaning to get your videos all set up before switching to the public), Tags (includes those keywords that are relevant or you want to rank for your channels). Thus, leaving the title and description blank won’t be an issue.

—> under the “Advanced settings”: you also have more settings here, but they major once to set up includes; your channel (video) category and comment ( how you want to treat comments-I prefer using the Google default setting to “Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review“.

Community” tab: head over to the community tab, here;

—> under the “Automated filters”; you add the links of your moderators, Hidden users (to add users who are spamming your channel), and Blocked words (to block a list of keywords you wouldn’t want to see in your comment channels).

And finally, on the community tab, you can also “Block links” in your comment area so that users to try posting links.

—> under the “Default” tab of the community tab; there is one set-up I would recommend you check/activate – and that is “Hold potentially inappropriate chats messages for review”. This feature is important to filter messages coming in whenever you’re live on Youtube.

Now click on the “Save” button once you’re done with all the setups as shown above.

Now go back to your Youtube channel “Dashboard” and you are good to go-to start uploading your videos right away.


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