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How To Create Amazon Account Without Phone Number

www.amazon.com is the number 1 online shopping site in the world. It’s global reputation is untainted. Amazon is known for selling numerous types of products. The categories include books, clothings, furniture, home appliances, office productivity etc. To be able to either buy or sale on Amazon, you must first and foremost create Amazon account. In this guide, we will show you how to sign up Amazon account online even without your phone number.

Truly, Amazon is a home for all. To create an Amazon account is not something difficult. In this post, we will ensure we guide you properly and also to ensure you set up your account after creating it. All you need to do is to follow our guidelines here and you will have succeeded in creating your own Amazon account without difficulty.

How To Create Amazon Account

So, let us show you the Amazon account registration guide. Follow us. To sign up Amazon account,

  1. Visit the Amazon portal: www.amazon.com. To the far right, you will see and click on “Your Account”. Click on Stat Here. Or, you can just go straight to the Amazon sign up portal here and start your application.Create Amazon Account
  2. Fill the Amazon registration form. This include the following: name, email and password.
  3. Then, click on “Create Your Amazon account”.
  4. As you can see, this didn’t ask for your phone number.

We are done with creating Amazon account, now, let’s see how you can set up Amazon account easily.

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How To Set Up Amazon Card Payment

As you should know, before you buy on Amazon, you will need to set up your payment system. This simply means adding your card payment details from where the payment will be made. How can you do this?

  1. Sign into your Amazon account.
  2. To the far right, take your mouse to “Account & Lists”.
  3. In the menu that will open, click on “Your Account”. This opens up a new page.
  4. Again, click on “Payment options”. This will take you to the page to add your card details.
  5. So, fill in your card details. This includes: Name on the card, card number and expiration details (month and year).
  6. Afterwards, click on “Add your card”.
  7. Done. Your card has been added.

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How To Add Shipping Address

Your Amazon shipping address is the location where all your purchased goods will be sent to. So, how can you add your shipping address?

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Take your moue to “Account & Lists”. Then, click on “Your account”.
  3. In the page that will open, click on “Your addresses”.
  4. The following information will be needed:
    1. Country
    2. Full name
    3. Street address
    4. City, State, Zip Code
    5. Phone Number. This isn’t compulsory but very necessary for delivery purposes.
    6. Then, click on “Add your address”.
    7. That is all.

There are many other things you can also do on your Amazon account. You can look around your account and follow the instructions. However, if you need any particular guidance, we will be here to help you carry them out.

So, go ahead and create Amazon account and start shopping today.


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