How to Create Facebook Two-Factor Authentication on Mobile and Web for Free

Hacking has been a major threat of online accounts, this is why many giant Tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, etc are working so hard to tackle or at less minimizing the level of hacking if not possible to eradicate it completely.

On the order hand, there are available features to help protect accounts (be it online banking, social media accounts, email accounts, etc) but some challenges we notice is that some people face navigation challenge and technical know-how (the to set it up. And some don’t even know that such exist.

Nowadays, every online account keeps hammering on the activation of 2-Factor Authentication because it helps a long way to avoid highjacking of account especially.

No cost or extra fee for using the steps below in protecting your account. The Apps are free, the code generated is not at your expense in any way. SO why not protect your account today using the “Two-Factor Authentication” method to avoid a sudden loss of any of your accounts to hackers.

This is why we have made this page to take you by-hand, show you how to get your Facebook Two-Factor Authentication set up in just a few minutes.

But before then let’s discuss more about “Two-Factor Authentication”.

What is it all about – “Two-Factor Authentication”?

The Two-Factor Authentication is also called 2FA, it is an additional account security checkmate to gain access into any given account.

Meaning that when you’re logging into your account (after inputting your password for that account) you still haven’t gotten access into the account until you complete the other login authentication process that you have “On” for your account.

The Two-Factor Authentication could be an SMS or using an application pattern.

But using the app is more recommended. And there is a free list of app you can select to use. They’re all for free.

How the Two-Factor Authentication works

  1. The first step is to download any of the app listed above. It’s all for free! But Facebook specifically recommends Google Authenticator and Duo Mobile App.
  2. Once you have an appropriate application installed, open it and follow the in-application instructions on how to set up a new account using either the key or the QR-code displayed in the 2FA configuration window.
  3. When the authenticator is ready, now its time to connect your Facebook account with the 2FA app.

Let’s take about the Facebook Two-Factor Authentication process and methods. But before then, you have to note the following;

  • You can use a different email to signup with the 2FA app

How to Activate or Create Facebook Two-Factor Authentication

The steps are going to be the same no matter where you are logging into your account from.

Step 1: Log Into Your Facebook Account

The logging in remains the same way, if you’ll be using the web to access your account then go through the official website –

And if it’s a mobile account then you have to download the Facebook app first on your mobile account, then login using your login credentials.

You need either your phone number or email address and your password to log into your Facebook account.

Step 2: Navigate To Settings

image of Facebook main page
Web view

The above image shows when you’re are logging in through a web (browser).

fb setting icon image

This is a tablet view. The image above shows where to locate Facebook settings on Tablet.

  • click on the settings icon
  • click on Settings & Privacy”
  • then click on Settings
facebook settings image

Just like the Tablet view, the mobile is also has a bit longer process in accessing the setting. First, when you click the settings icon, then click on “Settings & Privacy”, before you will see “settings” that you further click on.

Step 3: Go to Security

facebook security area image

From the”security” tab you click on “Security and Login” to see the Facebook Two-Factor Authentication settings.

For App Authenticator Security Method

Step 4: Select A Security Method That you Prefer

2fa image of facebook

From the Security and Login tab, you will see “Two-Factor Authentication“. Then click on “Use two-factor authentication“- which now takes you to a new page where you will select the security method you want to activate.

facebook security method image

Now you have the option of selecting either to use an Authentication App or the Text Message (SMS). Select your choice and click on Continue.

For this section, we have selected the “Authentication App” method of Two-Factor Authenticator”.

We shall come to SMS later. But you can see that the App method is more recommended to use.

facebook 2fa code image

Now its time to “CONNECT” your Facebook account with the Authentication App you downloaded.

There are two ways to achieve this; either by scanning the QR code (just like you scan QR Code while connecting your Whatsapp on Desktop or PC devices) or using the code (below the QR code bar) to connect with the app.

You have to click to select the method you want to use, for instance, if we are using the code, by clicking on it you have copied the code already. or by clicking the QR code bar then click continue and visit the third-party app (authenticator app) and also select QR scanning method of connection.

Step 5: Connect Your Facebook Account with The Authentication App

How to Create Facebook Two-Factor Authentication on Mobile and Web for Free 1

Now it’s time to launch the authenticator app previously downloaded. Once it opens, the App will request you select how you want to connect.

Then go back to your Facebook to copy the code or if you have selected to scan the QR code also you follow the steps to scan it.

Once the account is connected, then your 2-factor authenticator will generate a code with Facebook will request you enter – then enter the code on Facebook and you are done.

Now you should see a notification that you have activated your Facebook Two-Factor Authentication.

For SMS Security Method

Once you select and SMS method and click on continue, then you will be requested to provide your phone number and confirm it. After that, a code will be SMS to that phone number.

Which means that each time you want to login into your Facebook account you have to receive the SMS in order to verify your authenticity (just as App security method does work).

How to Login on Facebook ACcount Using Two-Factor Authenticator

  1. Whether you’re using the web “” or through your mobile app, Simply access the Facebook Login Page
  2. enter your login details and click on “Log In”
  3. next, you see a “Two-factor authentication” box asking you enter the 6-digit code from your code generator or third-party app below.

    Now it all depends which 2FA you’re using, whether the app or to receive an SMS.
    You should launch the app and get the code generated. Please note that the code generated is timing. So you have to be fast!
    Or check your mobile phone for an SMS to get the code sent to you.
  4. Now type in the code the way it appears on your device then click on “Continue”.

At this point, you will gain access to your main Facebook account.


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