How to Create First Bank Nigeria 5-digit PIN | FirstBank *894# Enrollment steps

The USSD method of banking has made life a bit easier. It allows users to do some vital and common transactions via their mobile phones and without the internet.  Banking costs slashed out on that part. But backs still charge their dues from customers whether they use USSD codes or not; for example – checking balance, transferring, topping up, etc.

USSD banking menthol saves lots of time. No need of going to the bank to register for it or any USSD processes. His is why this page will take you by hand to complete your FirstBank 5-digit pin and start your mobile transactions without the internet nor going to any bank.

Just like every other Bank, FirstBank Nigeria also has its USSD banking codes that allows customers to recharge (top-up) for self and others, transfer money, pay bills, etc.

But to start using the FirstBank Nigeria USSD code the customer has to register for the USSD PIN number that allows him/her to authorize and complete any ongoing transaction.

This page covers all those steps, just follow them to complete your FirstBank Nigeria USSD code registration.

There are requirements to meet before, you are eligible to use the FirstBank USSD banking code, they are listed below;

Requirements for creating First Bank 5-Digit Pin

  • You must be a FirstBank customer
  • You must have an active (not dormant) account
  • Your account can either be a savings, current or other type of individual account
  • You must have an ATM (debit card)
  • Your account Must not be a joint account
  • You must have your registered phone number with the bank. That is the phone number you associated with your First bank Nigeria profile account.

Of cause any type of phone device can go with, in as much it receives network service and can receive SMS too.

How to Create First Bank 5-Digit Pin

Like I already said before, that you can use any kind of device (whether smart or non-smart phones). And you don’t need an internet nor go to the bank for any process to be completed; expect if your account is having issue.

  1. Simply dial *894*0#
  2. A list of masked debit card numbers linked to your account is displayed.
  3. Then select your preferred debit card.
  4. Enter the 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for that debit card you selected or using to enroll for 894 services.
  5. Next, will be to create a new 5-digit PIN. Enter you PIN, then you will be requested to re-enter the PIN again (just to confirm that its correct with the previous).

And that’s all!

You have just completed the enrollment of your First Bank Nigeria 5-digit pin. Now you can start transacting right away.

Below we have also listed list of *894# Codes and its services, you will see it as you keep reading to the bottom of this page.

How to reset First Bank USSD Pin

You may have forgotten your FirstBank USSD PIN or you decided to change pin; the steps below will help you achieve any of these goals.

To Reset or change your banking PIN simply dialing *894*0#

Then you will be prompt with instructions to reset, follow it and complete the process.

List of First Bank USSD codes and their functions

Please always remember that you MUST use the same Mobile phone number associated with your account to use the First Bank Nigeria USSD short code.

S/NoServiceUSSD quick banking Code
 1.Transfer Money (To any bank
in Nigeria)
*894*Amount*Account Number#
 2.Airtime Recharge –for self*894*Amount#
 3.Airtime Recharge –for others*894*Amount*Phone Number#
 4.Balance Enquiry*894*00#
5Register/ Create PIN/ Reset PIN*894*0#
 6.Open New Account*894*0#

How to Use First Bank USSD to Transfer Money (To any bank
in Nigeria)

Make sure you have the receiver’s account number, name of bank and account name.

Although you will only be needing account number and Bank name, while FirstBank will automatically pull out the account holders name for you to confirm if the account tallies with the name of the receiver.

To initiate the transaction, simply dial *894*Amount*Account Number#

For example: Let’s assume that you want to send N50,000 to Mr Emmanuel John with the account number 1234567890

Now the *894* code comes first, follow by the amount, before the account, then end with # symbol.

See below what I just explained:


How to buy Airtime Recharge –for self with FirstBank Nigeria USSD Code

To buy airtime for yourself (that is the linked phone number), simply dial *894*Amount#

For example; You want to buy N500 recharge, FirstBank Nigeria already knows your phone number so you won’t be asked of any phone number because the phone number (yours) is already profiled on your banking account with FirstBank.

This is why all you need is to dial the code and the amount. Just like this;


How to buy Airtime Recharge – for others using the First Bank Quick shortcode

Unlike recharging for yourself (the registered number), here, the term “for others” are phone numbers that are not registered or linked or associated with your bank profile.

For example, your other personal phone numbers are regarded as other numbers as long it’s not linked with your banking account. Likewise, your family and friends (and other persons) phone numbers are “for others” category.

The most important thing here is that you must know the phone number you are sending the recharge to. And, FirstBank won’t be sending any recharge PIN to the number, instead, the amount purchased is automatically and instantly credited to the receiver’s number.

So here is how you do the transaction;

  1. Dial *894*500*080XXXXX123#
  2. Then you will be prompt to enter your USSD PIN to complete the transaction.

Let’s say for example You are recharging N200 to 08012345678, this is how it goes;


How to Check Bank Account Balance through USSD Quick Code

You will be messaged (via SMS) with your balance and it attracts charges. So don’t start checking balance unnecessarily thinking that is free. This service just like others listed above is not free.

To make Balance Enquiry simply dial; *894*00#

How to Register or Create a PIN or Reset PIN

This process has a single USSD code to dial and complete whichever task you want.

The USSD code to either Register for a new PIN or Create PIN or Reset PIN is;  *894*0#

Once you enter the code and send, you will be prompt with instructions and options of services you want to make (either of the three).

The complete steps and guides have been treated above. You can scroll up to follow those steps.

How to Open a New FirstBank Account

This step is for a new user who has never own a FirstBank Nigeria Account.

But note that;

  • You can’t open a current account using USSD code due to the extra requirements for such type of account opening.
  • Even after comping the steps and your account is created successfully through the quick USSD code, you will still have to visit any FirstBank of Nigeria branch and complete the profiling processes. Read more here “What is required to open a savings account in Nigeria”.

But you can open the account and even start funding money into it.

If for example, you were in a situation where Only the FirstBank account is what you need to receive money (fund) – you can quickly create an account for yourself by dialing *894*0# – follow the steps to complete the USSD FirstBank new account opening process.

Then obtain an account number which you can share with family and friend and share with your business colleagues or customers for the transaction.

Then at any time, you can work in any FirstBank branches in Nigeria to complete the account opening process.

But you won’t be able to withdraw for some minor reasons; that is why you have to read this article to learn more.

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Happy banking with FirstBank Nigeria.

Please note that is not in anyways affiliated to FirstBank Nigeria. And this is not a sponsored post either. We only review and educate by showing steps which may possibly be a challenge to anyone.

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