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How to Create Kids Email Account – Secured & Full Restrictions Control

We are in the digita era, where everything is possible when it comes to the internet. Our kids see us every day, they know what we do. So they shouldn’t be left aside. The interesting part is that there will always be a parental control to handle some vial restrictions.

They as well needs an email account. You ask why?

They deserve having fun, download materials that help them learn, also communicate with their peers already on the internet space.

Don’t misunderstand it when I said download materials, I mean educational materials that helps them learn more.

No need hiding all this from smart kids, the best thing is providing them their channels (access) to have their fun like subscribing to Catton Networks, etc.

The bitter truth is that;

This day Kids never do what we (Parent) ask them to do, instead, Kids does the same thing they see us doing.

They know we use phones to make calls, send out sms, etc. they also see us on PC doing doing something. Right inside them, they also can’t wait to be in that same position to own and do the same.

For instance…

I tried taking selfy of me and my 3months twins baby girls, I’ve done it 2 to 3 times. And, each time I am done taking the picture, I show it them to see their images.

So whenever they observe me or anyone brings phone facing the phone-screen to them, they believe its selfy time.

I see them positioning with excitement to take pictures.

Personally, I love my kids to start familiarizing with the digital space. It will help enlighten them and even advance faster. So I believe there are some parents who also wants the same for their kids.

This page will educate us on how to create Kid’s Email Account fast.

Once the account is created, it can be connected with their iPad or Tablet devices, which enable them to ONLY have access to kids or teens materials. However, as a parent, you can as well monitor and have more control from your device.

Which Email Providers Offers Kids Email Account?

Google Kids and Teens Account

Google offers such an account. It further provides a central App called “Google Family Link for parents” to help parents View their activity, Manage their apps and Feed their curiosity.

So Google gots parent covered on this. You can download the app on iOS and Android.

Yahoo Child accounts

Yahoo also offers kids or teens account, “BUT” Child accounts ages from 13 to 17. That means child under 13 of age is not allowed to own or use a Yahoo email kids account.

Moreover, 13 to 17 of age child using Yahoomail Kids account are further restricted from

  • Viewing listings or participate in Yahoo adult groups.
  • Purchasing any premium services.

Microsoft Email Service

Microsoft Account account also in a way allow such configuration. But not really specific account for kids, rather you can do some settings by restricting somethings.

For instance here is how to configure for email for kids and teens use.

How to Create Kid’s Google Email Account

The “Google Family Link for parents” is so amazing that if allows you to set screen time limit for your kids, locate their devices anytime, allow and disallow what app to use and more.

Once the App is installed, tap to open, the first question that comes up the screen is;

Who will be using this Phone? whether Parent or Child/Teen

The other question on the screen is; Does your child have a Google Account ending in select enter yes or no. Tap the “No” to see the Google Kid’s Email Account form.

If you had selected the No, then you are about creating an account.

First question on the screen is to provide the name and last name of your child you are creating the account for. Clicking next will again take you to another page to enter the date of birth of that child and gender.

The next page provides you to enter the desired email address your child will be using to sign in.

So, from this point you now understand that creating an email for your child via Google account is possible. Though the steps are not finshed yet. Tap the next button then follow the on-screen instructions to make the account

After you’ve added your child’s account, you’ll be prompted to find your child’s device. Tap “Next,” and you’ll be given a nine-digit code for linking their device.

On your child’s device, open the “Google Family Link for children & teens” app and follow the on-screen instructions.

When prompted on the child’s device, input the nine-digit code from step 5 and wait for the devices to link.

Once done, read through the final on-screen information before finishing up.

If you are registering for more than One child, you just have to apply the same method to create and add that child. However, you don’t need to download the app repeatedly.

Things you can achieve with the App:

  • Set daily time limits
  • Set bedtime
  • Lock or unlock your child’s device remotely
  • Block/allow apps
  • See app activity history
  • Filter mature media/apps
  • Block or allow websites
  • Share Google Calendars, Google Keep notes, and Google Photos with other members of a family group.
  • Update certain account info on your child’s account (some restrictions)
  • Manage data and activity collected by Google
  • Device location check-in
  • Enable/disable Google Assistant
  • Enable/disable parental controls remotely (only applies to children over 13)
  • Delete your child’s Google account (only possible for accounts where the user is under the age of 13)
  • and more…

Things you can’t do with Google Family Link

Due to data privacy laws and technological capabilities, users managing a child’s account are unable to:

  • Mirror your child’s screen
  • Access your child’s Chrome browser history or Google search history remotely
  • See or reset your child’s Google account password
  • Read your child’s emails or messages
  • Listen to your child’s phone calls
  • Choose a new screen lock password on your child’s device
  • Erase data on your child’s device

Furthermore, if your child is over the age of 13 (or whatever your country’s minimum age for having a Google account happens to be), you will also be unable to:

  • Delete your child’s account
  • Prevent your child from turning off parental supervision restrictions


Since “Google Family Link for parents” has all the features and easy to use App as well then its better going with it. However, the app also provides privileges (for kids under 13 of age) to control other apps and accounts.

Share your thought with us (using comment box below), if you have other better means of creating a free email for kids.

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