How To Create Paypal Account for South Africa (SA) Now!

PayPal is available across 50 African countries, with various levels of account experience. Some African PayPal account is only allowed to send money, while others are able to enjoy a fuller experience with Send, Receive, Withdraw among other features – Which Paypal Account for South Africa is one of them.

PayPal Account for South Africa allows users to Send, Receive, Withdraw funds without any limitation. After the account is created and confirmed – users start enjoying the full features in as much they understand how the South Africa PayPal account works.

This page has covered step-by-step to Create Paypal Account for South Africa (SA) that allows you to Send, Receive, Withdraw, create invoices, and many more.

How the South Africa PayPal Account Works

It is important to learn how South Africa PayPal account works especially knowing that it offers a complete PayPal account functionality.

Generally, opening a new PayPal account across the globe is free, meaning that it cost absolutely nothing. But there’s a charge rate for sending funds to business accounts, receiving funds, and withdrawing to a bank account or bank card. PayPal transaction fee has been discussed further (below) on this page.

The process of using PayPal in South Africa seems a little complicated for few people. But let me break it down.

After you’ve created your PayPal account (and confirmed your email), you can now start requesting funds, sending, and withdrawing funds too. But to start you’ll be requested to link your bank account and/or debit or credit card. The card will be for spending, whereas the bank accounts for withdrawing money.

But the confusion is on the “PayPal Withdrawal” process, right?

Ok, let’s get to it now.

Withdrawing Fund

You can withdraw money from your PayPal account directly to your First National Bank of South Africa (FNB) or any linked South African bank account.

FNB is more preferable by many, you will only need an FNB Online Banking profile. If you don’t bank with FNB, you can create a free FNB Online Banking profile and link your PayPal account to your South African bank account. 

We’ve got a separate page on how to create an FNB Online Banking profile and link your PayPal account to your South African bank account. Learn More Here.


Aside from the ability to spend directly from your Credit or Debit Visa or Mastercard linked to the PayPal account, you have the added advantage of topping up from your South African Rands if you bank with FNB. A Top-up takes less than 10 minutes to reflect in your PayPal account.

Requesting for Payment

You have various experience in requesting for payment, that includes creating link, creating invoice (only for business PayPal acct), and sharing your PayPal email account.

Create Paypal Account for South Africa image

How to Create Paypal Account for South Africa

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Sign Up” (Or “Sign Up up for free”) button at the top of the page.
  3. Enter your phone number, then click “Next”.
    A new page will open to input a verification code PayPal will be sending in a short while. Enter the code to pass that stage.
PayPal SA sign up form phone number page-image
  1. Fill in your details. This page will request your Full Name, email address, and create your PayPal login password.
paypal profile page form-image
  1. Your Nationality being South Africa should have been selected by default for as long as you access the PayPal Signup page (the website address here). Select the type of document and the ID number. Then enter your address, city, postal code, and date of birth.
paypal sa main account signup form-page

Ensure checking the agreement box before clicking on the “Agree and Create Account” button below.

  1. Log in to your email address to confirm your email. When you log in, you may see several messages sent by PayPal – open the message that says “Confirm your email”.
  2. At this point, its time to add your card. To do that, click on “Not sure? Add card to use later”
paypal account created-page

Select the type of card and input your card details.


You may now start receiving and sending money from this account without issues.

PayPal Login Account

  1. Go to and select “Log In”
  2. Enter your email address and click on “Next”.
  3. Enter your password and click on “Log In”.

In the scenario where you have added other log-in security layers to your account (like 2 Factors Authentication or SMS), you will still have to pass the stage to gain access to your PayPal account.

You could as well login through the PayPal App. PayPal mobile app is available for android and iOS. The same as the PayPal web page login requirement (email and password).


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