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Storing payment details online for quick access is good but depending on the platforms you saved them. In some cases, these services store your payment details (with your permission) to enable quick payment processing. Especially, when you subscribe for a recurring payment of services.

And Google Pay is one of those that makes it easy to check out quickly within your favorite apps and websites.

Once you are using any Google browser like Google Chrome while making payment online – for example, there is a pop-up notification, asking if you want Google to store your payment details so that you won’t have to go through the same stress inputting your payment details.

It comes a time’s that you don’t want such a subscription anymore so the best will be to cancel it, to avoid your account been deducted when due to renew that product and service (which you possibly not interested in).

On this page, we’ve shown how to see a list of your subscriptions, and how to either edit or delete any of the subscriptions.

How to Locate your Subscriptions and services on Google Pay account

Subscriptions and services are where you see the complete list of your services or subscriptions you are paying.

Step 1: Log on to

Step 2: Log in with your Google ID – like you use to log in to Gmail, Youtube, and other Google products. Your email address and password are required.

Step 3: Navigate to “Subscription & Services” to see the list of services Google Pay has saved.

How to Deactivate Auto Payment on Google Account

There isn’t a way to do that on Google pay. Instead, you have to log into that services to cancel or deactivate the auto payment.

For example; if you do buy some apps that have an auto-renewal on the Google play store (please note that they are both separate services – Google Pay and Google App store), and of course uses Google Pay to make your payment. Now you can log in to your Google Play store to turn off the auto-renewal. Now this means that the Google Play store will not request any payment from Google Pay when due because it’s turned off already.

We can use another services to make this explanation more understandable.

Another example; In a scenario where you use your Bank card for a recurring payment (auto-renewal) and you subscribed for that. Now you can’t go to your bank to stop the auto-renewal (just like you can’t do so on Google Pay), instead, you have to visit your account where you to either remove your card or turn off the auto-renewal request.

How to Edit or Delete Payment Method on

When you’ve logged in to your account (as shown above) then navigate to the “Payment Method” menu tab. You see the list of payment method you have in your account.

Each of the payment methods are separately listed in boxes. And each of them has the “Edit” and “Remove” link below it.

Remove: This is used to permanently remove any payment method. So to remove a particular payment method you click on the “Remove” and further confirm the action that you’re about to take. Done!

Edit: The edit link is used if you want to make changes to the payment method. This includes changing your name, card details, your address, etc.

On the same page, you can even add a new payment method. The reason for doing this could be, maybe you have many subscriptions and would like to assign a particular payment detail to a specific subscription. We do the same too. For example; We have Google Ads and Google cloud Subscriptions. So we have added multiple payment methods and assign each to a specific product/service/subscription.

Deleting Google Payment Status Permanently

Do you know that you can as well decide to permanently delete your current Google payment status. Yes, you can.

simply to the “Settings” menu tab and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Close payments profile”, you will further be requester to re-log into your Google Pay account – this is to authenticate your account. After you’ve logged in, you then further confirm your actions (to Close payments profile) and that is done.

Are there other issues that may be challenging you when using the Google Pay service?

Let us know on the comment box below so we can talk about it together here.

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