How to Download Flash Share Application Free

How to Download Flash Share Application Free on any Smartphone

Flash Share is an Android app which allow you to transfer/send or receive fills wirelessly from one phone to another. Applications like: games, images, videos, music and other apps, can be sent between mobile phones in a simple, fast and stable way using Flash Share App.

But to be sincere to you – the only link which you can download Flash Share is on Google Play Store which can be found among your apps.

How to Download Flash Share Application Free on any Smartphone

The fact is that you are not downloading any application is the process. But you have to make she that the Smartphone you are sending the FlashShare App is an Android phone (even if it has NO flashshare) and you also have to make sure that the phone has a Bluetooth also.

So lets get started! Make sure to also use the image for easy understanding.

  • You have to find someone who already has both Bluetooth ans the Flashshare app (which is your aim of going through this article)
  • Phone A  (Bluetooth ans the Flashshare app) – Put On the Bluetooth and lunch/open the Flashshare
  • Still on Phone A – Click on human icon, as shown in the imageFlash Share transfer
  • Another step opens again for you to select ———> Invite via Bluetooth
  • At this point you will have to ON the Bluetooth of the phone without flashshare (which I call Phone B). Please make sure that the the phone bluetooth is visible to all nearby bluetooth deevice
  • Once the Phone B is ready to receive the Flashshare via bluetooth, then the Phone A should now tap the ——-> Search and send———-< button.
  • Once the phone B receives it – then now locate the fill or app and open to install. That is all!


How to Send An Application Through Flash Share App to another Android Phone:

It’s very easy sending any fill or application using Flash Share Apk to another smartphone. Here are the step you should take.

  1. Open flashshare on the device you want to send it to
  2. then click connect with friends and scan to join
  3. then a WiFi connection will be established
  4. Select the apps and files you want to send with the other phone
  5. Then shake to send the applications or you can also select then click the send to send to other phone.


How To Save or Install Applications Sent Through A Flash Share

  1. Now, for the device receiving go to history on your flash share application and install the setup you just received.your device is like to tell you “data from unknown source” just go to settings ———> applications then check the box that says “unknown source


Other alternative to this is by installing another zero data fill transfer like Xender.

Once you open it you will find the flash share, then select to send to the other phone.


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