How to Download VPNhub Free VPN App for PC and Mobile

You don’t want to get spy and you need the right VPN at affordable prices to achieve that for you, right? VPNhub is the GAME on board.

Have you had about the latest “VPNhub? It’s offering a VPN tool that allows you to log on from any part of the country in order to freely use a public Wi-Fi you desire. Also, unlocking every site that has placed censorship and restrictions – with VPNhub that becomes a past story to tell because you will be able to stream any media without being tracked, especially with no data limit.

Let all your activities (chats, gaming, file sharing, online payment, etc) remain private.

VPNhub uses the 256-Bit-AES which is the same next-gen encryption technology used by the US government and military.

No ISP logging or recording with anonymous DNS servers. Unlike some VPNs, VPNhub keeps your info secure even during accidentally dropped signals. Gives you speed and instant connection re-establishment

VPNhub Free VPN

VPNhub only offers its free service on mobile. That is; you may decide not to pay for the premium plan while you keep using the VPN service for free. Also, you won’t be prompted to signup to use the app.

But it’s different on computers (desktop and PC) – VPNhub only offers 7-days free trial to use the full package of their services. After this, you are expected to upgrade or even upgrade before the end of the trial period.

VPN Plans And Services

The plans are of FOUR levels, the least of the plan starts from $13.99 per month. Unlike ProtonVPN that has a free VPN plan plus premium plans to select from.

The VPNhub plans or subscriptions goes like this;

  • Three Years plan for $125.64 (which cost at $3.49/month)
  • Two Years Plan for $119.76 (costing $4.99/month)
  • One Year plan for $83.88 (costing $6.99/month)

And the above plans is a one payment process. That is to be paid once (no part-payment).

  • Monthly plan costing $13.99 per month. And its the only plan that includes a 7 days free trial

Checking the FOUR PLANS (SUBSCRIPTIONS), the “Three Years plans” gives the best deals.

Links to Download VPNhub Application

Use any of the links that best suit your type of device to download the latest version of VPNhub app.

The link above will redirect you to your official App store to continue the download process.

VPNhub Registration Form – Steps to Sign up

In order to get started using the VPNhub you must have to download the app onto your device (using the steps and links above)

Step 1: Select Your Plan Choice

You have to visit the main website and select your plan choice, This is the first time to do. Although you can also do this later if you choose to download VPNhub app first.

The main site is where you will select your plan.

Step 2: Fill Out The VPNhub Membership Form

The membership form allows you to create an account with VPNhub in order to have login details. Make sure every information provided is accurate then click on “Continue” for further steps.

Please note: while inputting a password, do not make the value to be too long. It should have 20 characters or less.

Step 3: Fill Out Billing Details

Don’t expect to see PayPal payment on this page, sorry for that. You can only use Credit Card. So fill the details and submit to start your Membership.

Step 4: Launch Your VPNhub Application

Use the link above to download the app to your device. After the download and installation are complete, launch the app. As a first time user you will be requested to either sign up or login (if you already have an account).

NOTE: Though You may even skip #1 to #3 and go on to download the app first. After that you launch the app, then on creating an account, it redirects you back to the main website to go through the #1 to #3 processes.

So you can now login with your membership details.

Step 5: Choose The Country To Use IP Address

Now you are in your account, select the country you want to connect to then tap the padlock to connect.

That is all! Now Enjoy the most secured privacy you desire on the Web.

List of Free IP Address Location Checker

We are giving you a bonus tip. After been connected you want to confirm that your personal IP is indeed hidden, right?

Use these top 4 free websites provided below to check your current location after you have activated the VPNhub.

Do you have any questions? Please share it with us in the comment box below.

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