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How to Edit or Permanently Delete Google Account – Delete Your Gmail Account

In case if someone is asking if deleting Gmail account is possible, Yes  – it is possible. But I really don’t know why you may have decided that you want to delete your Gmail account at this time. You should know by now that deleting account cost you noting just as creating new Gmail account will always cost noting – everything is FREE.

Please note that once you have deleted your account, you will be losing all of your contacts, settings, documents and other important information. That is the reason its better to backup your data before deleting your email account.

Don’t Delete You Gmail Account Because Of Mistake In Name and Phone Number

Did you make mistakes your Name or phone number? that is a small case then, you don’t need to delete your account because of it. Use the steps below to edit your name or Phone number;

  1. Login to your Gmail account here
  2. Click on the “Setting icon”, then click on “Settings” from the drop-down menu. See image below;

    Gmail Edit Account sample

  3. Now a new page opens. From the top listed Menus click on “Accounts and Import”, to open a new page which you see right in the image below. Then click on “Other Google Account Settings”.Gmail Edit Account 2
    Please note that any settings which you will be making right on this page will not only take effect on your Google Gmail account but also will take effect of all other Google accounts which you are already making use of.

    Right on this page, you should see also that you can change your password, or create a new password for your account. You can also edit your email display name (not email address).

  4. Now click onGmail Edit Account 3
  5. A new page again opens where you can edit and add anything you which, including your name, phone number, alternative email, etc…

    Gmail ersonal profile page

But note that you can’t change an email address.

You May Want To Try Other Free Email Services, See: Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail Account


But To Delete Your Gmail Account

  1. Login your Gmail account
  2. Click on the Setting icon (just as shown in the images above)
  3. Click on Accounts and Import from the Top Menu
  4. Then click on “Other Google Account Settings”
  5. Now that you have decided you want to delete your Gmail or Google account, you do not need clicking on Your Personal Info – cos the option is for those who want to edit (NOT DELETE) their information. But for you that wants to DELETE your Google Account click on “Delete Your Accounts or Services. See image below:

    Gmail Edit Account 6

  6. A new page opens again where you can select the action to take. If you see the image below you should see that there are TWO OPTIONS for you

    Gmail Edit account 4
    You should see the first is :
    “Delete Product” – By clicking on it you should be able to select which Google product you want to delete.
    Delete Google Account and Data – While clicking on this will automatically delete your accounts and data.

  7. Now you have succeeded in deleting your Google Gmail account of Google Accounts and products.


You the choice is yours if you still want to delete your Google Gmail account or you want to edit and add some information to your account. We are happy to make sure that the information above contains all that.

Also feel free using our comment box below in case you have further challenges or questions to ask regarding deleting your Google Account.



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