1. I’m ready to cry. I’ve been trying to get this to work for ages! My screen doesn’t look like yours in step 1. I had signed up for adsense but through maybe I had done it wrong so I closed it because I read that you had to sign up through blogger so they would connect right. I tried to follow your instructions but when I click on earnings and adsense the center of the screen doesn’t give the options you talk about. Any suggestions?

    • if you are running a blog already then you do not need to start sign up, remember that google account – once u have an account u can login to any google account with it, so blog is one of them. From the step two, you just need to sign in and put in your google mail id and password then you follow other steps

  2. this is my blog crunchumagazine.blogspot.com can i apply for adsense

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