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How To Join The Nigerian Football Supporters Club & Enjoy Added Benefits

Nigerian Football Supporters ClubHave you ever imagined joining the thousands of fans cheering Nigeria on many sporting events? Do you know you can be one of the million of recognised and identified Nigeria football supporters? Yes, you can. And in this article, we want to show you how to join the Nigerian Football Supporters Club & many benefits attached to being a member.

The Nigerian Football Supporters Club is also known as the Nigerian Football & Other Sports Supporters Club. The sole purpose of this “sports loving family” is to cheer Nigerian sporting teams to victory in any sport and at any place. Accordingly, the membership of this association is open to all sports loving Nigerians. This is why we have brought to you the steps on how you can be a member of this team. We would also point out the benefits of being a member of this club.

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How To Join The Nigerian Football Supporters Club

To join the Nigerian football supporters club, here is the simple step to follow:

  1. Visit the national head quarters of the Nigerian Football supporters club: 22 Mabo Street, Off Randel Road, Surulere Lagos Nigeria or Nigeria Football Supporters Club Cabin, National Stadium complex, Garki Abuja. Pick up the membership form.
  2. Fill the form and choose the category of membership you want. That is all.

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Levels Of Membership

The Nigerian Football Supporters club have two levels of membership:

  • Ordinary membership
  • International membership

The ordinary membership allows you to participate in any sporting event the Supporters Club features. These events must be within Nigeria and the West African sub-region wherein the Supporter Club can go through land.

The international membership gives you access to travel with the supporters club to international sporting events. This can include the Olympics, World Cups, African Nations Cup etc. However, this International membership is subject to the payment of #50, 000 (fifty thousand naira) annual dues as well as your ability to finance a large portion of your travelling expenses.

However, most times, the Supporters Club can be sponsored on international trips by individuals or agencies. In this case, some ordinary active members can be randomly selected to join.

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Benefits Of Joining The Nigerian Football Supporters Club

  • It gives you the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, where Nigerian team/s is/are participating in a sporting event.
  • Such travels to sporting events around the world also create other opportunities of making friends globally and establishing international business contacts.
  • You’ll become an important stakeholder and be vitally connected to people that matters in Nigerian sports.
  • Indeed, your Membership Identification Card grants you access (Free Entry) into any stadium in Nigeria and you are treated as VIP anywhere you go.

Do not delay. Step up now and become a registered and certified member of the Nigerian Football Supporters Club today. Please share with friends and loved ones.

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