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How to Make free calls on skype – Free SKYPE Calls

If you haven’t had of SKYPE before you might be wondering if its possible to make free calls on Skype. I understand that right now SKYPE application is compatible with all Computers (Laptop), Android Phones, Tablets, BlackBerry and iPhone.

Here in this article am going to show you from scratch, starting form how to set up Skype accounthow to Make free calls on skype free

Before we start, You should understand that since its free then there must be a limitation. Which is – for you to make free skype calls free then the person (friends and/or family) must be using skype also.

Form example; I was searching for how i could start communicating with my girl-friend free online since I send most of my time on the internet. SO recently I downloaded the skype in her computer and created a skype account free for her.

Right now we communicate through Making free calls on skype. And not just that, the calls we make are always video calls. This free call is usually UNLIMITED. You talk and talk, if only your network is good.

So I am also going to show you how make free calls on skype on your Computers (Laptop), Android Phones, Tablets, BlackBerry and iPhones.

How to set up Skype account

This is the first step you have to take. You need to have an identity.

  1. To register for skype account visit www.skype.com
  2. Click create New Account
  3. Fill the form correctly and submit. You now have a SKYPE ID (SKYPE name and password)

The next step is downloading skype apps on your Computers (Laptop), Android Phones, Tablets, BlackBerry and iPhone.

How to download skype apps;

  1. For Android Phones and Tablets visit your phone Google Play to download the latest version
  2. For Computers (Laptop) visit www.skype.com
  3. For BlackBerry visit the BB Store
  4. For iPhone visit the Apply Store

How to Make free calls on skype

After you have set-up your account and downloaded the skype, now what you should learn is how to make free video and audio call.

  1. when you open your skype, from your contact, click the person you want to callhow to make free skype calls
  2. choose any of the call type you want to make (Video or Audio call) and click on the icon
  3. once the person picks, your calling communication starts

Note: this call is totally freeĀ  – meaning that this step above is “How to Make free calls on skype without credit“.

I hope you like this?


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