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How to Migrate to Glo Yakata Plan – Also Opt-out Code Anytime

Glo came on board changing games among all other telecommunication companies in Nigera, even across African. Glo Yakata is one of her parkage keeping all Glo sim users happy using the network.

Every Glo users now have the freedom of streaming online videos without even caring to check.

This days you everyone to be on Glo Yakata plan to gain every bit of benefit it offers.

So if you are also interested to know how to migrate to yakata then you are in the right place because the page is meant for it.

But before we go into Yakata Glo migration steps, it’s necessary things you start to benefit and other tasks to secure those benefits.

For instance, you should know that Your Yakata bonuses expires after 7days. But an exception to your existing Data bundle.

The Yakata tariff plan allows you get 2,200% value on every top-up of 100 Naira. Meaning recharge of 100 Naira attracts 2,200 Naira bonus value and 200 Naira attracts 4,400 Naira.

And you can use the bonuses to call any network sim card in Nigeria.

How to Prolong or Extend Yakata Bonuses

There has been a way of extending your bonuses. Take for example you recharged and you know well that you are given bonuses both data as well call credit.

But the credit (ONLY) expires after 7days. So what you do to prolong the call credit till you finish it is to make sure you always top up with more credit, no matter the amount.

For instance, every 5 or 6 days top-up at less N100 Glo recharge to extend your existing bonuses.

Please note that you can always check your Glo Yakata Bonus by dialing 2201#.

How to Migrate to Yakata Glo Plan

To Migrate to Yakata plan, simply dial *220# from your Glo line. Once you enter the dial code and send, you should see a welcome message like;

Welcome to GLO NEW YAKATA plan.

This will display in your phone screen.

To Confirm What Plan Your Glo Sim is, Whether Yakata or Not

To confirm if you are on the Yakata Plan, then dial *100#.

How To Check Glo Call Credit Balance

As a Prepaid account holder, the balance code checker is; Dial #124# > Enter 1 on your mobile device then wait for an instant reply from GLO revealing your airtime balance on your phone screen.

How to Deactivate or Opt-out from Yakata Tariff Plan

If you have an intention of doing this, the question is which tariff do you which to migrate to?

Every tariff plans of Glo has its special code to migrate to it, therefore, once you know the plan you want to port to then dial it to go to that plan, by so doing you are leaving or disconnecting your sim from Yakata.

To get out of Yaka tariff plan, here are…

Cheap Glo Tariff Plans and their Migration Code

Glo Tariff Plans Migration Codes
Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan Dial *211#
Glo Jollific8 Dial *123*PIN#
Glo Infinito Dial *100*9*2#
Glo G-BAM Dial *100*5*1#
GLO bumpa bonus, Dial *100*10*1#
Glo Bounce Dial *170*4#
Glo Free Tomorrow Dial *300#
Glo Generation G Dial *170*5#
Glo Formula Dial *323*PIN#
Glo IDD Packs Dial *777#
Glo BiiGy Packs Dial *170*1#
Glo Jolof N25 Dial *0805*25#
Glo Jolof N50 Dial *0805*50#
Glo Flexi Dial *123*PIN#

Please note that terms and conditions apply for all migrations.


  1. Glo yakata is nonsense seriously, imagine spending up to 2k in a day just for recharge card,,, why ❓

    • for call or data?

      Am asking this because Yakata is my plan and its amazing. I got more data to the browser and an extra call credit (which I had to always top up with N100 to retain my call credit). Though I’m data heavy user (sub 20k monthly).

      Am not trying to market them oooo – they are all cheating us, cos their network dey fuckup most times. But when it comes to free data and call credit; Glo is #1. The day we don’t see network we rest or sub other networks (MTN my second choice).

      Glo allows you to call any network with the bouns they give, excluding international calls.


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