How to Monitor your Website when its Down and Active again – This topic will be very interesting and important because it is necessary to know how to monitor your website when its down and active again. Many business and webmaster do not even know when their website is no longer working.

But let me explain briefly by “when your site is down”. You may be working on your website now and within a minute your site is no longer opening it rather show you a blank interface or tell you that failure to connect to your website or the server is down.

Their are website that you can register your website so that you can get information concerning your url, but I will be recommending you to try and use, is a free monitoring website.

When your website is down or not responding to network the message that comes looks like this;



“About This Message: This message was generated by Website error alerts are generated in response to a failure to connect to your website or the server where your website is hosted. will monitor your website more frequently and will notify you once the error has been resolved.”

But once the site is up again, it look like this;

Including this text: About This Message: This message was generated by Your website error has been resolved.

You can sign up today for free and start monitoring your business.

Visit now to sign up, create account, add your website, monitor it and get backlink from them.

If you think there are still better website or tools use  to Monitor your Website, then use the comment box below to indicate so that we can include them.


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