How To Open Access Bank Premium Current Account

Are you looking for a bank account that is perfectly suited for you as a high class Nigerian? Then this Access Bank Premium Current Account is specifically made for you. This account is made to cater for the day to day transactions of the affluent Nigerian customer. This is a high profile account you should operate. I will be showing you all you need to know about this account.

Access Bank is one of the top banks in Nigeria. Its operation goes beyond Nigeria and extends to Africa as a whole. Access Bank has been in operation since May 11, 1989. It also has unique expertise in personal and business accounts. This accounts for why it is one of the most used and patronised banks in Nigeria.

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As its commitment to excellence entails, it brought the premium current account to cater specially for the high and mighty individuals in Nigeria. This is an account you should consider to have.

Features & Benefits Of Access Bank Premium Current Account

There are many features and the benefits you stand to gain when you operate this Access bank account. they include the following:

  1. There is no fixed monthly fee
  2. You will need #1 million balance maintained monthly.
  3. No interest on your credit balance.
  4. Also, the minimum opening balance is #25,000
  5. Additionally, you will get a cheque book and debit card.
  6. Access to Access Bank Xclusive lounges.
  7. #25,000 operating balance.
  8. Have daily of #200,000 ATM withdrawals.
  9. Negotiable current account maintenance fee of #1 per mile.
  10. Monthly e-Statement of your account
  11. 24/7 online and mobile banking services.

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Requirements For Opening The Premium Account

To open the Access bank premium current account, you will need the following:

  1. Your proof of address (utility bill, DSTV bill etc)
  2. Valid means of identification. Any of International passport, Driver’s License, Voters card, national Id card etc can serve.
  3. The completed account opening form.
  4. signature specimen card.
  5. 2 recent passport photographs
  6. Two referee/reference forms
  7. resident permit for foreigners living in Nigeria.

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How To Open Access Bank Premium Current Account

The process is actually very simple. You can do it online or offline. In whichever case, you will still need to visit a local branch of Access bank. So, what do you do?

  1. Download the Premium current account opening form here.
  2. Print out the form.
  3. Or, you can just visit any Access bank branch and request for this form.
  4. Then, fill the form.
  5. Go with the above requirements and the completed account opening form to an Access bank branch near you.
  6. Then, follow any other instructions you will be given.

As you have seen, the Access bank premium current account is made with you in mind. You get to benefit exclusive features. The process of opening the account is also not too demanding.

So, visit any Access bank branch today to start process your own account opening immediately.


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