If you are still thinking of best email services to use and easy to understand  – on this page I recommend you use either Gmail – by Google or Outlook – by Microsoft or Yahoo Mail – by Verizon. Apart from the listed ones you can as well try Yandex mail or GMX mail. All these mailing services offer free accounts with free storage space, also their Apps available for all mobile devices (Android and iPhone).


The first step to take is downloading the official app of those emails through your Mobile App store. It’s free to you!

After downloading the next step is Opening an account (for new users) or Login with your existing Email Login ID.

For the purpose of this article, to show you how to open a new email account using your mobile since mobile has become the most paramount devices used all over the word for checking and responding to mails.

How To Open An Email Account Fast On Mobile

One thing remains the same among those emails.

  • You have to verify your phone number during the registration.
  • Your Full name, Date of birth also is required.
  • Free selection of what email extension to use.

⇒ Now after downing the app, Tap “CREATE ACCOUNT” (some app will say Sign Up or Open account).
⇒ Then fill the form following the steps that come after until the end of the registration.

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Use the link below to follow steps to Sign up your desire Email Account using PC (or mobile)

YahooMail Sign Up Steps here

Outlook Mail Registration Steps here

Yandex Mail Registration Steps here

Gmail New Account Registration – steps here

GMX New account Sign up – steps here


Download Your Desire Email App Using the Below Links

⇒ Download Outlook Mail App for Android or iOS or Windows phone here

⇒ Download Yahoo Email App for Android or iOS here

⇒ Download Yandex Mail App for Android or iOS here

⇒ Download Google Gmail App for Android or iOS here

⇒ Download GMX Mail for Android or iOS here


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