How to Pay IKEDC Electricity Bill Online

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Following the stress and time wasting paying Electricity at the main office, the Ikeja  Electricity Distribution Company has now made it possible for any one who can use the internet effectively to Pay IKEDC Electricity Bill Online.

There are three (3) ways you can pay your IKEDC Electricity Bill Online, below are the following means to doing so;

Step-by-Step On How to Pay IKEDC Electricity Bill Online

  • Payment via Internet Banking

For customer with internet banking facilities with any of the banks should pay IKEDC bills via the following steps;

–  Log on to the bank’s internet banking platform

–  Select NIBSS e-Bills (or eBillsPay or eBills Payment) in the bill payment section

–  Select Power – Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company

–  Enter requested details

–  Confirm customer details returned/shown

–  Make payment

–  Receive payment confirmation message and print/email receipt

Payment Via Web portal (Using Credit or Debit Card

  • Go to the IKEDC payment portal on webpage:
  • Enter requested details
  • Submit transaction
  • Confirm customer Accounts details returned/shown
  • Make payment
  • Receive payment confirmation message and print/email receipt

Payment Via Bank Branch

  • Visit any branch of the banks and request to pay your IKEDC bills via the NIBSS eBillsPay Platform.
  • You must have your IKEDC account details as shown on your bill available.
  • Obtain a copy of your receipt upon payment.

If you found it difficult accomplishing any of the steps above – use the comment box below to tell us and we are here to put you through., Or if you have an additional talk then also use the comment box below.



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  1. Your platform does not have option for prepaid metres? And kept complaining that ‘the customers number is not in the correct format. What could be wrong?

  2. I cannot pay for my prepaid meter. It only has the option for postpaid meters. How do we know the difference between a post paid and a prepaid meter.

  3. you can pay for both Prepaid and post paid meter on www. VTpass. com. just click on
    1.”what do you want to do” when u log on the website,
    2 select Electricity bill payment(pre- paid or post- paid meter)
    3. Pay

  4. Olamide thanks.
    But after making payment on and it has been deemed successful, what next? How do you get your pin and how do you load it on your own PHCN card?

    • The prepaid pin will be sent to both your Email and Phone number. You don’t Have to go through the stress of going to Phcn office to get Recharge your Phcn Prepaid card.

  5. Why is receipt generated via paga does not come with address. Kindly do something about it as it always lead to avoidable arguement when the bill is presented to bank for confirmation of address.

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