Fix “Unfortunately the Has Stopped”

How to Permanently Fix “Unfortunately the Has Stopped”

If you are reading this, it is either you have encountered this and you want to know how to prevent or fix it next time; or, you are currently experiencing it right now and want o know how to fix this. Either way, this guide on how to permanently Fix “Unfortunately the Has Stopped” is meant with you in mind.

Truthfully, the “Unfortunately the has stopped” error remains one of the most annoying issues you could ever face while operating your phone. It is a dreaded situation and can happen to anyone. But, knowing how to fix this ensures you are way ahead of others. You will not only learn for yourself, you will also learn to help others. Anything better than that? Let’s see how to Fix “Unfortunately the Has Stopped”.

What Causes Unfortunately the Has Stopped Error?

You may not have known, but this error is often caused by your phone or SIM toolkit app. These are some of the causes of the error message:

  1. You recently restored data
  2. You upgraded to the newest version of Android OS
  3. Or, you recently installed new ROM
  4. You did important modifications to data
  5. Your firmware update was not successful

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How to Permanently Fix “Unfortunately the Has Stopped”

Below are some of the verified methods you can use to solve this problem when next it occurs.

1. Clearing Cache & Data on the Phone App

Clearing your phone cache could solve this problem for you. To use this option, here is what you have to do.

  1. Open “Settings” and tap “Apps”.
  2. Then, select “All” tab to make all the apps installed on your phone to be displayed in a column. Scroll down until “Phone” or a similar feature shows up.
  3. Choose it, and select the “Clear Cache” option.
  4. If the error message still persists, take these steps again, but this time, you should add “Clear Data”.
  5. And then reboot your device so that the changes can take effect.

2. Clearing Cache & Data on Your SIM Toolkit

Another method is to clear cache on your Sim ToolKit. Here is your guideline.

  1. Open “Settings” and tap “Apps”.
  2. Then, select “All” tab to make all the apps installed on your phone to be displayed in a column.
  3. Under “All” tab, you should select SIM toolkit from the collection of apps.
  4. Choose it, and select the “Clear Cache” option.

3. Restore Factory Setting

If you tried the above-mentioned methods and the error message still won’t go away, first backup your data. We will show you how to back up your data below. Here are the steps you can take to do this:

  1. First, shut down your phone
  2. Then, hold the Volume Up button down, together with Home & Power keys, until your device vibrates
  3. After it has vibrated, release the Power button but continue pressing the others
  4. Once the Android logo shows, you can let go of the rest
  5. You can now do a Factory Reset from there.

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How to Back-up Your Android Data

As we pointed above, it is very advisable to back-up your phone data before attempting any of the above methods to avoid losing important documents. So, to make sure that your Android data is backed up safely and securely, these are the steps you need to follow:

1. First, enable Back-up in “Settings”: To make sure that your backed-up data is secure, make use of a PIN, password, or pattern screen lock, rather than a Smart Lock or swipe. Here is how to enable Back-up on your phone:

  1. Open the Settings app of your device
  2. Choose the “System” option and select “Advanced” > “Backup”
  3. Put your backup service on

If these steps highlighted above are not applicable to the settings of your smartphone, you can search for your settings app for backup. On a tablet that is shared by people, the backup and reset options can only be accessed by the owner.

2. The next step is to back up data and settings manually: If your phone runs Android 8.1 and below; you can back it up manually any time you choose by following these instructions:

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Tap the “System” option > “Advanced” > “Backup”> “Continue”

3. Lastly, restore your backed-up Android data and settings: After enabling the “Backup Data” feature and successfully backing up your Android data and settings, the final step is to restore your backed-up account to the phone that has undergone factory reset. You can easily do this by following the on-screen steps. The process might take some time, depending on the volume of the data you backed up from the outset.

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You have now seen how to permanently Fix “Unfortunately the Has Stopped”. If you have any question, use the comment box below.


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