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Buying goods on Jumia is not really a hard thing to do. It involves some processes from beginning till the end. In this Jumia tutorial, we will show you step by step guide on how to place order on Jumia. After going through this, you will be able to carry out any transaction you want on Jumia at any time of the day.

Jumia online shopping gives you a lot of varieties and choices. They are numerous categories of products you can choose from. This ranges from electronics, fashion, phones & tablets, home and office, computing, watch and glasses, children’s etc. So, whichever category you want to buy from, we will guide you from beginning till then end.

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Without wasting time, if you read on, let us show you how to buy on Jumia. Are you ready?

How To Place Order On Jumia

So, we want to show you how you can place order on Jumia. Now, you need to know that buying on Jumia involves different stages. They include the following:

  1. Finding the product to buy.
  2. Placing your order.
  3. Receiving the product and finally,
  4. Making payment.

Shall we go on?

How To Find Product On Jumia

So, the first stage of buying on Jumia is to locate the product to buy. How can you do that? There are different ways to locate a product to buy on Jumia.

1. By Going through the Product CategoryHow To Place Order On Jumia

As we pointed out earlier, Jumia has a lot of categories. So, imeediately you log onto, to the left, you will see the list of all categories. If you use the Jumia mobile app, just open the app and click on the menu by the left. All the categories will be show.

  1. So, locate the category you want to buy from. For example, if you want to buy male clothes, then, locate and click on Fashion.
  2. The option will option for you to choose either for male or female.
  3. Select anyone you want and you will see the full list of items to buy from.

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2. Using SearchHow To Place Order On Jumia

If you know the name of whatever you want to buy, then,

  1. Type it in the space for search.
  2. Click on “enter”.
  3. You will see different examples of the products you want to buy. Go through them and make your choice.

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3. Through Featured Campaigns/ProductsHow To Place Order On Jumia

How To Place Order On Jumia

The featured campaigns are the banners you will see immediately you open your Jumia app or you visit the website. The banners change from time to time. If the banner contains any product you want to buy, just click on it.

So, we have been able to see the items we want to buy. The next is to place the order for purchase.

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How To Place Order On Jumia

We will be using the example of a product i want to buy to guide you further. This is how it is done.

  1. When you have clicked on the item to buy, you will see an option of “Buy Now”.How To Place Order On Jumia
  2. Click on it.
  3. The product will be added to your Cart. the cart is like your shopping bag. It contains the item/s you want to buy.
  4. So, click on “cart” located in the far right of the website.
  5. Then, you will see the option for “Proceed to Check out”. Click on it. Please note: If you want more than one of that product, you can choose any number you want in the place written “Quantity”.How To Place Order On Jumia

Delivery Stage

This is the stage where you are expected to put in your shipping address. This is for those who want the product to be delivered directly to their house. If you choose the method, you will be charged for the delivery. The delivery fee will be charged on each product. So, if delivery fee is #1,000 and you choose 5 products, the fee will increase.

Alternatively, you can choose any Jumia pick-up station. This means you won’t have to pay for the delivery fee. You will be told when the products will arrive the station and you will be contacted to come for the delivery.

Payment Method

The final stage in this guide on how to place order on Jumia is the payment stage. Jumia has three payment methods.

  1. You can pay on delivery. This means that you will pay for the goods if it is brought to your shipping address or if you choose to go to a pick up station. By this, you can easily pick it up there and pay them.
  2. JumiaPay: This method gives you 5% discount if you use it.
  3. You can also pay with your credit card.

So, any option you choose, then you shoukd be able to get it done with.

When you are done with this, you can then click on “Confirm”. And your order will be placed.

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How to Track Items On Jumia

Jumia will send you regular updates about the status of your order via emails and SMS after your order has left the warehouse and is on its way to you. However, if you wish to track your product, here is your guide.

  1. log onto
  2. In the open box, enter your order number and your email.
  3. Then click on check now.
  4. The status of your transaction will be given to you.

Now, you have seen how you can place order on Jumia anytime and any day. Did you find this valuable? Why not use the comment box and let us know?

Any question or contribution? We are here to attend to you. Please share this to help others who might need it.


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