Prevent Car Theft

6 Ways To Prevent Car Theft – How To Protect Your Car

Car theft is on the increase, almost in everywhere. Innocent people are having their cars stolen by criminals and armed robbers. However, some of these car thefts could be unintentionally aided by the car owners. This is why we want to show you how to prevent car theft. If you are a car owner or you know one, this is going to be very insightful.

You see, no one likes getting their cars stolen. However, what if you could have prevented your car from being stolen? What if you did the one thing that could have kept your car safe? Well, we can only work with assumptions. But, I am certain of one thing…

There are many persons who don’t know the best way to secure their cars and keep them from being stolen. If your car is stolen, imagine the stress, hurts and pains that could be associated with it? You can stop that happening. You do that by learning the best ways to prevent car theft!

How To Prevent Car Theft

I want to assure you, after reading this, you will see the different ways you never knew you could use to prevent your car from being stolen.

1. Lock Your Car Door – ALWAYS

Every planned car theft more or less requires a huge possibility of chance and opportunity to occur. That is what you offer them FREELY when you don’t lock your car doors. Lots of car owners are guilty of this. Don’t be one of them. You should make it a habit to always lock your car doors whenever you get out of it.

Listen, the easiest thing you can do for those who want to steal your car is to leave it open. You never know, the 1-2mins they could have spent to break open your car, if it was locked, could save the car from being stolen. Never give them that on a platter of gold.

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2. Don’t EVER Leave Your Car Running

Have you ever seen people who got down from their cars and left it running? You must have seen. It happens. Well, it shouldn’t. Don’t leave your car running when you aren’t around. You could say you just want to pick something within 12 secs. They would be all they could need to steal your car.

Once the car is left running, the car thief could easily jump and get them running away from you. There is no reason you should leave your car running if you won’t be in the car or if you aren’t by the car.

3. Use GPS Tracking Services

This may not stop your car from being stolen. However, it would help you to easily recover the car once it is stolen. There are many GPS-based vehicle protection services you can use to ensure your car is prevented from being stolen. Truly, if a car thief knows that a car has a GPS tracker, they won’t bother stealing.

A tracker could easily pinpoint the exact location where the car is packed. This will help the car to be recovered easily.

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4. Park In Secure Places

Another effective strategy you can use to prevent car theft is by parking your car in a secured and safe place. Criminal and nefarious activities need darkness to thrive. When you pack your car in a secured place, they will be discouraged to steal your car.

What does a secured place entail in this case: Ensure the area is well-lit and ensure there is sufficient human traffic there. Furthermore, ensure you park in a parking garage where there is security.

5. Instal Security Cameras

If you can afford this, i is vital to consider it. Again, this may not stop the car theft from happening. However, it will definitely help in the recovery of your stolen car.

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6. Instal An Alarm In Your Car

Most cars come with factory-fitted alarms. If you don’t have and you are truly serious about protecting your far, then, you should install one of yourself. Additionally, your car alarm will deter anyone who tries to still your car.


Additionally, for as much as possible, you have to do your best to prevent your car from getting stolen. Also, do what you have to do using these tips we have outlined here and your car will be mostly safe except in extreme armed robbery cases.


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