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How to Print NYSC Call-up Letter Online –

How to Print NYSC Call-up Letter – We understand that so many websites are claiming to be the NYSC official portal where you can print NYSC Call-up Letter Online. But here am going to show you how you can do that and also the official website where you can print your NYSC Call-up Letters online.

Please note that you can only print your NYSC Call-up letters from the official NYSC portal online and “NO” other place.

The Management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has made it easy by providing 3 (three) different official websites, which are;


So any other sites apart from the above listed once are not only illegal but also fake and should be disregarded. Be warned!!!

How to Print NYSC Call-up Letter Online:

To start, you need to visit any of the official websites listed above. You can click on them cos they are direct link.


8 thoughts on “How to Print NYSC Call-up Letter Online –

  1. Please, when are we printing our call-up letter will i be notified before printing it?

    1. Some times you will not be notified. But there is always a fix date to print green paper and call-up letter. You will see that on the NYSC Timetable for that batch in question.

  2. pls is it compulsory to pay 3k for the online call up letter?

  3. Pls y am I not able to view my call-up letter? Its showing me that registration has ended n I get access for editing. But I registered on the first day

  4. I can’t ve access to print my call up,when i loggin it will show me email and password nt correct. What do I do pls

  5. please am not able to view my call up letter, its showing me my dash board l don’t know y. have been trying it since the day the site was opened for printing(Thursday )please help me out

    1. Can you send a screenshort here let me see what you mean. Once you have access into your dashboard then you should be abole to see a link to click for Call-up letter and the Green paper too. Log out and login again, if the error continues the you send me a screenshort here or you report to your schoo ICT they acn also be of help to you.

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